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  1. V

    Question Changing my only drive from MBR to GBT to boot in UEFI.

    I was considering getting windows 11, so I looked at the Windows 11 system requirements and I saw that my nvme drive had to boot on UEFI to be able to get windows 11. To be able to boot on UEFI, my drive (Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB) had to be on GBT and not on MBR which it is currently on. I also...
  2. QwerkyPengwen

    Other programs like SketchUp Make 2017? For DIY projects.

    I need to know what kind of programs I see people use in YouTube videos from time to time when they do a DIY project that has them creating the general layout and design of something with precise measurements to see what fits where and how. I plan to start doing some more complex DIY building of...