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  1. (FA)

    Question is this Gptron gtx 750ti 4GB GDDR5 legit good or not?

    GpTron GTX 750 ti 4GB GDDR5 Picture - GpTron GTX 750ti 4GB GDDR5
  2. bre3eze

    Question Replacing memory bank on MSI 1050 ti OC

    Hello , I have this 1050 ti that doesn't display but monitor backlight is on , it takes a 30-45 seconds for the pc to boot with it (i played some music while no display and it worked), I believe "TechCemetery" said that it's faulty memory symptom when i put the IGPU as primary in Bios i could...
  3. Dubkiss

    [SOLVED] Darker colors while PC idle 3min+ sometimes instatly when i just stop activity on it

    Hello I have a problem when i sometimes left PC for 3min + idle the colors are darker and when i move mouse colors set back to default sometimes this problem appears instantly when i just minimalize fullscreen of YT video GTX 1660 6GB OC Asus VG249Q Using 496.76 drivers
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Upgrading memory modules on a GPU

    Excuse me for a silly question but I'm just too curios!!! I know that you can replace bad modules and even upgrade more memory on some GPUs. I was wondering if I can give some performance boost to my GTX 760 (GV-N760OC-2GD) that is in my other 10 year old PC. It's used for when my cousins and...
  5. Drivel2787

    Question ASRock motherboard 880g pro3

    motherboard: ASRock 880G PRO3 AM3+ AMD 880G SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition Thuban 3.3GHz, 3.7GHz Turbo Socket AM3 125W Six-Core Processor Memeory: G.SKILL 32GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Desktop Memory Model. Already...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] Upgrading from GDDR5 to GDDR5X or GDDR6 graphics cards

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my current graphics card (R9 380) to a GTX 1660 Super. R9 380 uses GDDR5 memory and the 1660S uses GDDR6. My question can I do this (will the change in memory have any affects that I should know about)?
  7. M

    [SOLVED] will asus p5qpl-am work with GT 1030

    hello so i was planning to buy gt 1030 (msi aero itx gt 1030 oc gddr5) then i searched about will it be compatible with my pc specs and i am sure i don't have any issues with my psu or cpu but the motherboard is kinda confusing a little bit and i don't know if the gt 1030 support legacy bios...
  8. yullbarez

    [SOLVED] Upgrading from HD 3650 To GTX 770 In 2020?

    Hi, i want to upgrade my GPU from HD 3650 to GTX 770 for my old LGA 775 Xeon PC. I've found it cheap with full-box content. I'll probably get shocked from the performance difference. I've heard the 2GB VRAM not enough for modern titles. I'll use this GPU for gaming and editing software at...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] Almost 10GHz GDDR5 overclock Safe? Silicon lottery?

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a: MSI GTX 1060 6gb Gaming X PLUS Graphics card I know that as this is the PLUS version, the memory runs at a default speed of 9000MHz. So I played around with overclocking and managed a stable +350MHz on the memory resulting in a 9700MHz memory frequency. I...
  10. O

    Question 12gb of GDDR5

    My computer was a prebuilt from staples. It comes with 12 gigs of gddr5 ram and im wondering is this as good as having atleast 8-12 gigs of ddr4 ram?
  11. gerero000

    [SOLVED] What DDR5 gpu i can match with my i3 3220?

    I had a saphire hd 7750 2gb with my i3 3220. Unfortunately my gpu doesn't work anymore so, I look for substitute gpu preferable for gaming and as little bottleneck i can get. Does anyone have any ideas?
  12. D

    Good Mic's for surroud sound speakers?

    I have a 5.1 surrond sound setup, and don't want a headset, but I would like a decent Microphone. Biggest issue being I obvious don't want it to pick up too much from the speakers. I have very little experience in audio hardware, so not sure whats a ideal choice and open to suggestion...
  13. S

    cpu speed freezed at 0.48ghz

    I have Lenovo z51-70 i7 laptop with 8gb ram and 4gb amd processor. last 2 years it worked very fine but when I reset it CPU speed dropped to 0.48ghz after that I performed a full clean install of win 10 pro but still the same problem. I performed every test for my hardware issues but...
  14. S

    8600k running hot?

    so im am knew to the whole oc scene, and my problem is that i have a prime z370-p motherboard and noctua d9l cooler, i tried using the easy wizard OC setup and it put me at 4.5ghz but my temperatures go up to 90c within 3 minutes when stressing it with prime95. (someone plzz help i5-8600k)
  15. L

    Building new pc , recommended components?

    Hi I am going to build a PC and I didn't decide what to buy for Monitor and GPU. About GPU I want GTX 1080 and Monitor with 144hz, 27in, 2k/4k, 1ms and gaming but not too expensive. Any suggestions?
  16. D

    Decent BTX case for Dell Optiplex 980?

    So, in my recent efforts to build the cheapest decent PC possible, I bought a Dell Optiplex 980 SFF mobo to go along with my 1st gen i5 Quad-core. Little did I realize it was a BTX form factor, and I don't feel like buying another mobo so I guess I'm stuck with this. Couple questions: 1. Are...
  17. T

    Swapping Graphic Cards

    Heyo, if my PC currently has a GeForce GTX 960 installed, do you think it can handle a GeForce GTX 1060 ? CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 @ 3.20GHz
  18. J

    Memory usage insanely high for no reason I have 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and as you can see there are hardly any programs running that require much memory at all and i have no clue as to why the usage is so high. I've though of wiping my SSD and reinstalling windows but i don't want to do that unless i have to. I...
  19. S

    Vintage Amp --> Modern Speakers

    I have a great vintage turntable and amp which I have always used with old school speakers. In an effort to streamline the system so I can also play Spotify and Podcasts from my computer and phone, I purchased a set of Bose bookshelf speakers and a Logitech bluetooth receiver. I realize I am...
  20. G

    Will it fit

    Hi would a gigabyte gtx 1080 g1 gaming GPU fit in my gigabyte USB 3.0 GA-78LMT ? Also would these fit inside the corsair crystal 460x case ? Thanks
  21. GilaStomper

    100% Disk Usage, at a loss as to what's causing it!

    Over the last 2-3 days my PC has been stuck at 100% disk usage and the baffling thing is I can't find the process responsible for it. Here's a picture of my Task manager displaying I'm using 100% of my HDD (It's Displayed as 50% in the manager as I have a SSD too) and the task manager lists...
  22. S

    Can't access my External Drive

    I have an external Seagate Drive that shows up in my Windows 10 desktop Device Manager under Disk Drives as "Seagate Desktop USB Device" and it states "Working Correctly" but it doesn't show as a drive in Explorer/MyPC. I can feel vibrations suggesting the drive is alive and the drive light is...
  23. G

    Buying a Wii U in 2017?

    So, my friend just sold his Ps4 for the same reason I did, it costs too much to play online, and together we decided to game together on PC to save money. But, both of us like the idea of having a console as well, and I am currently looking into the Wii U, it has a good library. Some of the...
  24. M

    Black burnt mark on motherboard (Asus M5A78L-M USB3), Pc wont boot & no display

    Whilst I was playing Battlefield 1 my pc crashed and I could smell burning. I inspected the mobo and can see a small burnt mark. Now when I turn on the pc, the fans start but there is no display on the monitor. I dont get any beeps when it turns on but dont think I ever have? I bought a new...
  25. O

    My cpu overheats and i dont know what to do at this point...

    Hi. I didnt post this on "cpu" because i don't really know if the cpu is the problem. I have the following issue since 2 years with my desktop computer that is 3years old: I bought a desktop pc with Mobo: Asrock FM2A58M-HD+ Hdd: western digital "blue" 500gb 7200rpm core: Amd Apu A10 5800k 8gb...
  26. I

    gtx 1060 ?

    I have decided to pair up my fx8350 with a gtx 1060. the question here is, what brand do you guys find t be most reliable for a budget of $265? im currently looking at three, and any other recommendations are welcome, but the first is a gigabyte card, the second is a evga card, and the third is...
  27. warpcrash

    Smashing BF1 on Ultra 1080

    Picked up a used 7970 last year for under $120 on ebay and I'm smashing BF 1 on ultra 10% OC on card Fx-8320 stock / aftermarket cooler 8 GB Ram 64 player maps at that Looks like amd sending us some love with this game Sorry you intel/nvidia goons with your low fps's :no:
  28. K

    PSU In Singapore

    I'm thinking about buying a 600B power supply from EVGA. I live in Singapore, where the voltage is the same as in Australia. I was wondering how you can change the voltage to make the PSU work here. Also, if there's a switch to change the voltage, where is it. Thanks.
  29. Urzu1000

    What can kill a CPU?

    I've been doing some research, and I cannot find many instances of a CPU dying of natural causes. They seem neigh indestructible under normal use. What exactly *can* cause a CPU to die? Why does it cause the CPU to die? I'm just trying to fulfill some technical curiosity. Thanks in advance!
  30. Desertrobot

    Used Macbook over a used PC?

    Let me start off by saying that this isn't a suggestion for a main computer, my main computer is a gaming PC which I built, so we can leave out any worries associated with that. I'll be starting college in a couple of months and I really need a laptop. I've had a macbook in the past and as a...
  31. S

    Cannot achieve x16/x16 SLI build

    Hello all, So here is my build Motherboard: Asrock x99 Extreme11 CPU: Intel Core i7-5930k RAM: HyperX Fury DDR4 8gb (x4) VGA: EVGA TitanX SC 12gb (x2) So the issue that I am having is that after I installed the second VGA card, and using Nvidia Inspection tool, it turned out that the second...
  32. M

    Building my first pc - Is this build good?

    Hello folks! I'm finally putting the last pieces toguether about buying my PC's parts. I wanted, however, more opinions about whether or not this build looks good. I kind of need a quick reply about the RAM, CPU, GPU and Mobo because I found them in a limited time offer which will expire in less...
  33. C

    Question Synology NAS WD RED corrupting file names

    I have 2 Synology systems, one as a data storage unit, the other as a full back up to iMac & NAS Data storage. The NAS backup is starting ti corrupt the file names... not sure why. What do I check to trouble shoot ?
  34. Bloody George

    Could my GA-B75M-D3H be incompatible with an ASUS GTX970 Turbo because of SATA slots?

    Hello, folks, I've got a Gigabyte B75M-D3H micro-ATX motherboard and I've bought an ASUS GTX970 Turbo last night. I checked everything in terms of compatibility with the PCI-E slot, PSU, and the size of the card (quite a spatious one, about 26cm while my Zotac GTX960 is 21cm-long). Thing is...
  35. MyHorse

    G430 cannot connect to my PC

    Hi guys, I own a Logitech G430 headset and it will not connect to my PC for some reason using the USB dongle. I plug it into a USB port, and it just will not connect and will play sound through my monitor's speakers. Some help would be appreciated. Thanks, Nick
  36. R

    QUES:Is my PC enough for upgrading to a new strong GPU?

    Parts: CPU: i7 4690 non k RAM: 8gb ram hyper x fury 1600mhz SSD: hyperx 120 gb ssd HDD: WD 1TB Black HDD GPU: R9 290 OC TRI-X MOBO: Asrock z97 extreme4 motherboard PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G2 1000 Watt PSU CASE: NZXT H440 case white Now I've R9 290 oc tri x which is working perfectly and...
  37. J

    New FM2 Motherboard

    I got a AMD Athlon X4 760K processor and i want a new MB because my current is just plain bad. I am on a budget but that isnt much of a problem i just dont want a 150 dollar MSI supa dupa x999999 elite motherboard :P. A red and black color pattern whould be nice but isnt a requirement. Anyone...
  38. Lazyboy10

    Is This Mother Board Good And Is It Compatible My CPU And Others

    My PC Specs Are
  39. CmdrJeffSinclair

    How Does A CPU Become Outdated?

    When and how does an older CPU finally enter the realm of being outdated and becomes increasingly less efficient? I've read that CPUs can become "old" when they lack instruction sets that newer applications use, but is that all? An example of my confusion--- What if I bought a 5960X and 10...
  40. P

    Help me choose between these cards

    I'd like to know what would my best option between these cards: GT 9800 512mb HD 4830 512mb HD 4770 512mb HD 4850 512mb HD 5750 1024mb GTS 250 1024mb HD 5770 1024mb HD 4870 512mb/1gb * All are second-hand and around the same price. * Im gonna change my generic PSU to a 400-500 80Plus * Im not...