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  1. N

    Question Current quest: A pseudo gaming rig for under 300 USD? (e.g. able to run Geforce Now)

    Hi people, Ok, my son's gaming rig (my old i5 + 970) died and I decided to hand down my own rig and use the salvageable parts for other machines around the house. I don't have the money to buy a new rig altogether, but while I save up for that dreadful expense - I want to create a temp gaming...
  2. ben morris01

    Question Packet loss, is this normal

    Hi All, I have started using geforce now for my gaming, i have fairly decent internet, fibre 65-70mb dl 19mb upl 6-9MS, but i keep getting the warning of packet loss? I'm on a 5ghz wireless connection but i also go ethernet on occasion (im using a lenovo ryzen 5 laptop 2500u) I have adjusted...
  3. E

    Question Is This the “Death” of the PC?

    Hello! I just found out about NVIDIA’s GeForce Now service: So, their idea is to buy a game, then pay a monthly fee of $5.5 on NVIDIA’s service, and be able to play ANY GAME from their catalog at maximum settings on ANY PC!!! If your internet...