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    Question New computer and getting some graphical issues

    Hello, as the title says I just got a new computer and I am having issues with the GPU I believe as you can see in the link. I just got a GeForce RTX 2080 Super and some things randomly don't display correctly. Is this a common issue (not with that specific card, just in general), do you need...
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    Question re: Am I losing performance here/should I be getting more?

    Hello all! This is just a quick question about 1440p performance (what with the recent release of DOOM eternal and other great games) that has been bothering me for a while. My build is still exactly as it appears in my signature below (ie: Ryzen 7 3800x; EVGA 2080 Super Hybrid Cooled; 16GB...
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    Question Low Gpu Usage PLEASE HELP!

    My specs: My GPU runs at 50-60 for Fortnite, and jumps from 50-90 for GTA V. For games like For Honor, my GPU stays at 95+ and I get great frames. There also isn't a problem running Rainbow 6 even though I think R6 is easier to run. It's not a CPU bottleneck...
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    [SOLVED] Feedback for my new ~2000 € build (Gaming, video editing)

    Hey there! I'm looking to build a new rig with a budget of around 2000 € (excl. monitor), this build will be mainly used for gaming and video editing. For the monitor I'm looking at ultrawide ones (3440 x 1440 ), but I'm in no rush to purchase one at this point. At the moment I have set my mind...