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  1. Sporkflips

    Question GT 1030 compatibility?

    Is the Geforce GT 1030 compatible with an h61m-p23 (b3) motherboard and how is this determined (so I may be able to answer other similar questions for myself in the future)?
  2. Lacielikesyou

    Question 3060ti crashing on every game

    It's been a year and I've been busy and I can't replace my PC parts because I bought them far from my current home It has always been crashing. Some games I can still hear the sounds but it already crashed. Some games just exits some games give error messages. By the end of the day, every game...
  3. F

    Question DVI Dual Link to 1440p Monitor

    Hi, I've an old GeForce GF9800GT 1GB that has two dual link DVI output. I know this GeForce can output 1440p. I want it to connect it to a LG 27GL850, a 1440p monitor with HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, how can I do it? Thank you!
  4. J

    Question Gaming experience about TESLA K80

    Hi, What's your experience about this gpu. Is it possible to transform this gpu to a Gaming gpu: Install a specific driver, change the bios, customize the clock speed or memory etc. and if it is, which Gaming gpu is equal?
  5. unboxgeeks

    Question [OPINIONS] How long (years) will last 3080 TI in high settings, quality games?

    [OPINIONS] How long (years) will last 3080 TI in high settings, quality games? Would it be dating as good as for example 1080 TI which even 5 years later, still gives high-ultra settings play-ability? or it will be otherwise? whats your unbiased thoughts? Thanks.
  6. J

    Question Unable to login at Nvidia

    Hi, I'm unable to login at Nvidia - both at their website and in Geforce Experience When I try to login, I get this text: {"errors":[], "error":{"zz":{"statuscode":"503","message":"Service Unavailable -- No backend server is available to handle this request."}}} Anyone have an idea to what...
  7. A

    Question When I update my nvidia drivers, the resolution is stuck at 640 x 480 and I can't change it

    Hello, I have a RTX 3090 and when I update the nvidia driver from the 466.77 version to the new 471.11 version, when installation completes, my resolution is locked at 640 x 480 and it doesn't let me change it at all. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling geforce experience and the new driver...
  8. R

    [SOLVED] No display with GTX 1070 FTW ?

    Had my system working fine. Joined military and shipped it out to first base- mobo kinda broke, but it all still worked fine. Shipped it to second base, no display coming up. Replaced the mobo to an Asus Prime Z390-A, and still no display. Verified the monitor works via hdmi with my laptop, so...
  9. N

    [SOLVED] I want to upgrade from my Geforce GTX 750 ti - triple monitor to what?

    I paid about $150 for my triple monitor setup about 6 years ago. I am doing a lot more video rendering now and want to upgrade the GPU. What is also comparable in price that has newer technology but still enables 3 monitor setup? I would need DVI, VGA and HDMI if possible to minimize the...
  10. haadkk

    [SOLVED] Best Driver for GTX 1060 on windows 10

    Best drivers for gtx 1060 for games and more fps best tested one?
  11. Kidneybot

    [SOLVED] GPU usage spikes to 100% and crashes PC when idle

    Hi all, I'm dealing with an issue that is minor, but persistent and annoying. When I leave my PC alone for a few minutes, the whole computer locks up and becomes unusable. When this happens, I can however pull up Task Manager quickly and see GPU usage is at 100%. But I can't do anything and the...
  12. D

    Question Major under-performance from GPU ?

    Alright so heres the deal. I bought an asus NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, and I have seen people with the exact same setup apart from cpu being different but most the time same if not worse, and they are getting like 70fps max settings gta v and others. I have tried power plan, nvidia control...
  13. Thisisnotharry

    [SOLVED] GPU fan attempts to spin and stops

    My GPU has recently been overheating, it is a GTX 1650 and when I took off the side panel of the PC case, upon startup the fan attempts to spin but stops. When running a game, it gets so hot that it turns the displays off at 99 degrees. I have tried setting a custom profile in MSI afterburner...
  14. E

    Question Dell Optiplex 9020 randomly gives no signal from graphics card!

    My Geforce 1050 Ti and Dell Optiplex 9020 combo was working fine until a couple of weeks ago. The graphics card has stopped giving a signal when booting. It sometimes works, but I'd have to reboot the computer several times for it to work. The onboard graphics gives signal but I can't game using...
  15. M

    Question Can a graphics card affect the hz of a high hz gaming monitor (144hz, etc.)?

    I recently got a new gaming monitor in which the hz would drop to levels of around ~70 at times while playing games. The monitor has G-Sync built in (not the compatible version) and my graphics card can be seen here. From searching online, it seems that everyone points to the idea that the...
  16. tkobylecky

    [SOLVED] HELP- Display Signal shuts off when I install GTX 1050ti to my HP Elite SFF 8200 PC ?

    I have a hp elite sff 8200 with 16gb ram and 1tb ssd running windows 10. I tried to install the gtx 1050ti. But every time I boot up with the 1050ti installed and hooked up to my monitor, I get no video signal at all. Also if I plug in the card while the pc is running, it immediately shuts off...
  17. ryu-

    Question Installed new ram on Christmas, worked for 2.5hours, never got a display again.

    On Christmas I received a 32GB G.Skill Trident Z 3600mhz RGB Ram, swapped out some HyperX Fury 2933mhz 16GB ram. The ram kept crashing my computer and freezing up whilst playing games such as GTA V, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, and even small games such as Minecraft. - I knew that wasn't a...
  18. MLMDota

    [SOLVED] GTX 1060 does not appear in Device Manager, drivers cannot be installed

    Hi all, I received an MSI GeForce GTX 1060 3GB OC Edition for Christmas, but as of yet have been unable to get it to work in my current PC. I currently have a GTX 660 which works perfectly fine but no matter what I have tried to get the 1060 to work, I cannot get it to be recognized in the...
  19. L

    [SOLVED] Will my upcoming Graphics card be fine with this setup

    So i plan on upgrading my pretty old graphics card from ASUS GTX Strix 970 to an MSI RTX 3070 Ventus 2X OC for the long run and i don't plan on buying another GPU for like a long time. But i'm a bit worried that with my current setup there might be major problems such as bricking my CPU or...
  20. JojoErik

    [SOLVED] I want to update my GPU and Rams

    Can i update my Gpu to MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER VENTUS XS OC ?? my spec: CPU: Intel Core i5 8400 @ 2.80GHz RAM: 8GB 1197MhZ MOTHERBOARD: ASRock H310M-DGS GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (Palit) STORAGE: Toshiba hard...
  21. N

    [SOLVED] What other to buy than GeForce RTX 2070?

    Hello everyone, What other to buy than GeForce RTX 2070? interest me - older on NVIDIA Chipset - GDDR5 but stronger from GeForce RTX 2070 - or equal... i.e. such that once was expensive (my budget max. $ 550) and is GDDR5 RAM much weaker than GDDR6? Thx. for help me!
  22. R

    Question System GPU causing crash under heavy load in a variety of games (cyberpunk 2077)

    Have the current drivers from nvidia (460.79) yet new PC build with RTX 3070 is crashing on heavily load. Has only crashed once when playing rocket league for over 20 hours and didn't crash on Red Dead 2. However on cyberpunk and on need for speed: heat I'm getting frequent crashes. Here's what...
  23. FireSpittnKitten

    Question RTX 3000 series test scores

    i would like to know what anyone is getting for their furmark scores with a 3090. i thought it might b easier to include all 3000 series cards and all tests to make it simple for anyone with these new cards. i have had my 3090 for well over a month and it gets high scores on furmark but i have...
  24. Juancba

    Question Bug igpu

    Hello, I have a problem with my pc, I have a ryzen 5 2400 g with a 1650 super strix aorus, well I'll tell you, I think my video card works with the integrated one and that affects performance in the MSI Afterburner. I don't know what the problem really is, also when I turn on the pc connected...
  25. ptminerva

    [SOLVED] NVIDIA GeForce Experience is running but won't open

    Like the title says, this problem has been plaguing me for years and I finally decided that enough is enough. Hoping someone here could help me because ive spent the last year or so searching forums and sites with solutions to my problem. Ill give a full run through of my problem and maybe...
  26. DirtySZN

    [SOLVED] Lenovo Legion T730-28ICO multiple issues

    So I recently purchased a pre-built Lenovo Legion T730-28ICO gaming PC - Specs - Intel Core i7-9700K Processor @3.6GHz, 12MB Cache 16GB...
  27. A

    [SOLVED] New to overclocking...

    I'm unfamiliar with overclocking but have followed the YouTube video from UserBenchmark as a guideline. As a result my overclock is +150 MHz on the Core Clock and +1500 MHz on the Memory Clock using Afterburner. Does this seem like too much? I'm particularly concerned about the Memory Clock...
  28. Sone_mg

    [SOLVED] 2080ti not running top performance

    i built my pc with a brand new ASUS ROG Strix 2080ti OC in June 2020 (i know i know, what an idiot). I was very happy to run a benchmark of 14500. Over the course of the last 2 months, something has changed. I stream on twitch and was no longer able to encode OBS with my nvidia card, had to...
  29. A

    Question BSOD on EVGA 3080 XC3 Gaming

    Hi, I've received my card last Friday but have been dealing with issues with my EVGA 3080 and I'm thinking of having this card RMA, searched the net for answers but haven't found anything to resolve my issue (although some of them have been of help). My system BSOD after 5 - 30 mins of gaming...
  30. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] Is the gtx 1080ti worth getting for £300 ?

    I was looking on ebay and the price of the card has lowered even more due to the RTX 30 series coming out , and I saw the fps it gets. To me it seems like a pretty good card for a system even in 2020. I'm not interested in RTX - ray tracing / dlss stuff so that's why I'm intrigued by it
  31. Turtle Rig

    Discussion A thread for those that will bypass the 30xx Ampere series graphics card

    After I saw these benchmarks of the 3080 it is clearly not even a 4k@100fps card. Sure you can turn down the graphics detail but then whats the point of playing at 4k resolution. You want to see crisp graphics but instead you can just turn on all AA methods and nvidia panel settings and play...
  32. [SOLVED] Why does my GPU have 2 pins merged?

    This is an old GPU, geforce 6 series. It's a PCI card, not PCIexpress. The pins in the picture are the first set of pins from the left, near the output ports, front side. The card seems to work fine, without issues. As far as I know it's always been like that but I'd like to know why 2 pins are...
  33. D

    Question PC crash on games and game-like benchmarks, but nowhere else

    Hey there, I have a problem with my current machine where (seemingly out of nowhere), it decides to do sudden restarts. First time it happend, was last week while playing Wasteland 3. Since it was more or less reproducable, it thought that the game was the problem. I changed my plan in the game...
  34. Info EVGA 850W PSU Caught Fire - PSU Randomly Ignites!

    You know what's fun? Waking up to a house full of smoke, fire alarms going off and finding your desktop engulfed in flames.. That was a reality I never even though about until last Friday... Que 5:45AM in the morning. We live on a busy alley way where there are always garbage trucks...
  35. K

    [SOLVED] I replaced my gpu's paste and for some reason my monitor dosnt turn on.

    so, i replaced the thermal paste and I thought all was good, until I turned on my pc to see that my monitor was on, but it wasnt showing anything, i heard the windows start up sound but my monitor was on but only showing a dark blue black type of screen. I have a GTX 1050, I'm relatively new to...
  36. TheAspie

    [SOLVED] Upgrading Acer Aspire TC-300

    Hi, So I bought an Acer Aspire TC-330 at christmas, and am now looking into getting a new GPU & CPU. I realised that i'm using an awful APU, and am wondering if I can remove the APU and put in the CPU (AMD RYZEN 3 3300X) & GPU (GEFORCE GTX 1660 SUPER). I know very little about PCs, but cant find...
  37. S

    [SOLVED] Need Help figuring out issue!

    Hello everyone i recently built a new gaming rig but when i turned it on its stuck at the boot menu where it says please press del or f2 to enter uefi or bios. I have a Geforce RTX 2070, Asus prime x570 pro, 32 gb ddr4 ram, and a amd ryzen 7 2700x. I have read the manual serveral times to make...
  38. el_sarva

    Question Nvidia driver installation issues

    Nvidia graphics driver won’t install despite using DDU, Safe Mode and Manual Installation, Geforce Experience won't install either So I tried updating my GeForce drivers on GeForce experience but it would turn up with graphics driver install failed so then I tried downloading the manual...
  39. Zuber Khan12

    [SOLVED] GTX 1070 SLI ..!

    Hello Community, Hope you guys are doing well in this pandemic, Stay safe.! I started to build my new PC and i already bought GTX 1070. other parts will be : Ryzen 5 3600, 16gb DDR4 ram, MOBO Is not final yet, Well, i know doing SLI is not a good idea. But i got used GTX 1070 from my bro, He...
  40. Zuber Khan12

    [SOLVED] RDR2 on GTX 1070, Help..!

    Hello community, Recently i got a used MSI geforce 1070 from my brother he used it for mining, Card is in good condtion and working fine in normal use, i was using Asus strix R9-380 4gb. (still have it). Now come to my question before removing my old card i did bench-marking with RDR2 and i was...