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  1. N

    Question Is this a sign of a dead GPU or is it a fixable Issue.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled my GPU drivers and I have checked that it is in fact the graphics card causing the issue. I have an EVGA GTX 1070 8GB. Here are 2 videos showing the issue in Monster Hunter World. The game's skybox has it the worst from what I can tell but other games have it...
  2. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Should I get the RTX 2060 or RTX 2060 Super?

    I am deciding between 2 GPUs: RTX 2060 and RTX 2060 Super. I plan to do 1080p @ 60Hz at High / Ultra settings. I also plan to use this card for 2 - 3 years. Does the extra VRAM on the Super make a difference? How future-proof are these cards? Thanks!
  3. E

    Question Upgrading Dell 7010 SFF

    Hey everyone, I know I'm going to catch some heat for attempting this config at all but bear with me, I think there is a solution here that makes sense. I have: a Dell Optiplex SFF 7010 3rd Gen Core i5 - 8GB RAM / 1TB Hard Drive a GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 1GB GDDR5 The problem: a 240W stock...
  4. E

    Question Help!! gpu issues

    Hi everyone, thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out with this issue! I'm sure ill get a lot of comments saying that my hardware its old and outdated... blah blah blah but please try to understand that its not about the hardware, but a fulfillment of my childhood.. haha THIS IS...
  5. M

    Question Is overheating on my Acer Predator monitor the issue?

    Had this monitor for about 3 years, made the mistake of overclocking it a couple of years back and was left with a faint horizontal line (very thin) and tolerable, however I recently noticed a horizontal streak on the bottom third of my monitor that would only appear after the monitor has been...
  6. yannakamura

    Question 1060 max-q does not render videos?

    Someone could help me! I bought a Dell Laptop (g7 7588) with 1060 max-q. But the grafic card does not render videos on Premiere even Encoder. I updated all softwares and ask for support from Dell and Adobe, but no one got help me.
  7. L

    Question video card not recognized after driver update

    Hi guys, I switched from windows 7 to 10 recently and when I try to update my graphics driver my PC stops seeing my GTX 960 and uses my motherboards internal graphics card, currently I have a geforce driver from 2017 that windows 10 installed itself, and in my device manager I can see that I...
  8. X

    Question Is it worth it to buy a GTX 1060 if my monitor only works on DVI-D

    Hello :) I have a monitor which has some ports like HDMI and stuff.. but the HDMI port doesn't work. Only my DVI port works.. I cannot buy the new GPU's as they don't have the option for DVI as far as I know.. So my question is, is it worth it to buy the GTX 1060? They are about the same price...
  9. J

    Question GTX 970 at fault for bad image quality?

    Hello all, I've had this issue with my GTX 970 for a while now. Be it in games or on the desktop, images or really anything always look kind of blurred with jagged edges, even on high graphics settings, especially high AA settings. When I directly compare the Full-HD on my PC with that on my...
  10. N

    Question GPU and cpu fans not spinning, motherboard doesn't light if GPU is plugged in.

    Specs: CPU: Intel i3 - 6100 GPU: Palit GeForce GTX 750 ti PSU: Stock 450 watts (Unbranded) MoBo: Gigabyte h110m-ds2 I've tried cleaning the board, because I spilled some coffee on my desk and it managed to break in my cpu and when that happened, my screen blacked out so I quickly turned it off...
  11. B

    Question GTX 1080 Ti Founders vs Reference clock speeds

    Hi guys, I'm sure that there is a very detail thread somewhere around here regarding this topic however I couldn't personally find anything completely relevant to my case. So this goes out to all of the 1080 Ti owners. I've recently upgraded from a 1060 6GB to a 1080 Ti Founders Edition second...
  12. M

    Question Intel Pentium G4560 with gtx 1650

    Hi i am doing a budget build with a B250M PRO VD Motherboard Intel Pentium G4560 Processor and MSI GeForce GTX 1650 AERO 4GB GDDR5 OC. will this build bottleneck because of the bad cpu and good gpu and is it goinng to be bad. and is it even compatible
  13. T

    Question Is the MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1650 compatible with a GA-970A-D3P motherboard

    I have tried installing two separate 1650's on my GA-970A-D3P motherboard and Windows never recognizes the card, and when I try to install the drivers Nvidia say's its not compatible with this version of Windows( I even reinstalled Windows and made sure there was no pending updates) After no...
  14. claudiuadam

    Question Are my CPU/GPU temperatures within normal range?

    Hello guys, I didn't know where to post my question but I just wanted to know if my overall CPU/GPU temperatures are in an acceptable range. I built my PC a few years ago and made no upgrades since (I kind of forgot what temps are normal). I make music on it and was playing the piano in Ableton...
  15. K

    Question can you have a dedicated render graphics card?

    i was wondering if you could use a quadro p5000 for video editing and rendering but not have it connected to a monitor and a GTX 1080 as a display card for gaming and viewing playback
  16. K

    [SOLVED] Stock vs buying OC GPU

    Hello everyone, I am getting ready to order all my parts for my first PC build but have one discrepancy. I cannot decide whether to go with the EVGA Geforce RTX 2070 Black, or the MSI Geforce RTX 2070 Armor 8G OC. Obviously both are 2070s but the MSi card is already overclocked to 1740 Mhz...
  17. Pythonbites

    [SOLVED] Is 85 pounds a good price for a pretty much new gtx 1050 2gb?

    My friend is offering me a gtx 1050 2gb for 85 pounds from a prebuilt system he didn't turn on until upgrading the gpu in there. is this a good price? I do some 1440x900 gaming but im super poor so i cant even afford a 1050 ti. Is thre a better card at this price? thanks
  18. i try and budget

    Question Shadowplay videos freezing/laggy/stuttering???

    Hello everyone. This honestly has me really frustrated I have so many recordings just like little one minutes clips of my highlights and the videos are coming out very laggy especially at the "best" part this is ridiculous.. I have a gtx 960ssc fully updated with an I7 cpu and 12gb of ram. And...
  19. Kettenkrad

    Question Strange Fullscreen HDMI Problem

    For years I have been using my monitor with an standard HDMI setup until this morning when it seemingly spontaneously decided to stop working entirely. When I woke up today and turned my monitor on I was greeted by a persistent "No Signal" message that was only remedied by moving my HDMI from...
  20. K

    Question Gigabyte GTX980TI 6GB G1 Gaming HDMI Audio Drop Out (plus performance issues)

    I have a Gigabyte GTX980TI 6GB G1 Gaming I have owned for a little under 6 months. The card was purchased used on eBay. While I have had it sometime, the first time I got chance to spend some real quality gaming time on it was recently with the release of Trials Rising (massive trials fan)...