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  1. K

    Question is patriot ssd the best compared to generic ssd?

    is the cheapest and is it really good? because generic ssds are cheap but bad. I wanted a cheap ssd that lasts a few years and doesn't burn out after a few months of use, like the generic ones.
  2. H

    Question help me pls !!

    i bougth 5$ controller to my pc to play some fifa but the controlls are reversed , i mean when i try to run with RT it doesnt run and i need to tap RB to run but also it says me in the game "TAP RT TO RUN" what can i do beside buying a nongeneric controller ?
  3. P

    Can the fans in an all-in-one liquid cooling loop be controlled with an external fan controller?

    So, I'm new to the world of building computer systems. I've come across a snazzy looking external fan controller that I'd like to use for my build. I'd like to know if it's possible for the fans in an all-in-one liquid cooling loop to be controlled by such a device? I have other fans I'll be...
  4. TheForetold1

    Steam Console vs Mini PC?

    Hello, I have been looking at the Steam Machines for a while now and wish to purchase one. However, I have just realised that they are just Mini ITX towers with Steam OS inbuilt and the Steam logo on it. So now I find myself conflicted as to which one to get, so would like some help...
  5. H

    connecting fdd to 4 Port SATA PCI Expansion Card &IDE VIA VT6421a chipset

    How can I get my floppy disk drive to work using the 4 Port SATA PCI Expansion Card &IDE VIA VT6421a chipset
  6. I

    Looking for a new gaming GPU

    I have upgraded my pc to the point where it's able to accept a high end gpu or gaming but am unsure in which one to purchase? I wasn't looking to does over £200 so I have been looking at the asus gtx 660 and 760 and wondered if these would e ok or if there's any better ones out there for the...