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  1. ReHack

    [SOLVED] How do I make Genshin Impact use my GPU more ?

    Before, Genshin Impact used 95-100% of my gpu and was very smooth to play with (consistent 57-60 fps with gives a bit to zero stutters during gameplay). Now, it only uses 83% GPU max, and at times suddenly drops to 15% or 30% which makes it super laggy and stuttery (51 fps walking, battles...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] Genshin Impact Framedrop below 60 but GPU/CPU usage at 60%?

    Here a video of the issue: View: My GPU/CPU usage is abour 60-70% and Vram at 2500. I am not sure why my fps flactuates between 50-60 Vsync is turned on and i am using a 60hz display. My system: GTX 980 I7 4790k @ 4,6ghz 16gb DDR3 Ram (1600)...
  3. BBJMS

    [SOLVED] Micro-Stuttering in Genshin Impact and AC: Valhalla

    I'm trying to wrap my head around what's causing these micro-stutters in my game. I can't exactly figure out what may be causing it but I have tried my best, with my limited knowledge, to isolate the cause to no avail. I don't encounter these problems when playing FPS games such as Apex...