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  1. L

    [SOLVED] 1000€ Gaming PC build, all peripherals covered

    Hello there! Long story short, a friend of mine is building a gaming PC. (And yes, I'm asking for a friend because he doesn't know how 2 English.) The budget is about 1000€, assembly fees are covered already. Sadly, we both have very little idea of PC parts. Approximate Purchase Date: As soon...
  2. I

    Case options (ones you have experience with)

    Looking for a cheap case with side window and psu shroud. Good cable management options, good airflow (fans included would be a +), attractive look
  3. A

    Games like assassin's creed 1 that I can run

    Just as the title says. Specs: Cpu: Intel pentium E2210 dual core 2.20 GHz Ram: 4 gb GPU:Nvidia 7100/nforce630i
  4. P

    Surround sound connections?

    So my current motherboard (Gigabyte Z97X SLI) has 6 3.5mm audio ports. One of them is blue. My Razer Tiamat 7.1 headset uses all of them except the blue. If I were to get a motherboard that only had five, could I put whichever cord no longer has a slot into the blue one and call it a day? That...
  5. N

    Fm transmitter only playing a small number of songs

    I have been having a problem with my fm transmitter I synced over 1100 sings onto a 64gb memory card but when I put my gm transmitter into my car it only shows 102 songs to play can anyone help please
  6. Milky Kou

    Heat problem with pc

    So i live in a somewhat smallish room, about 12x12 or so, maybe a bit smaller, and it seems when im doing some intense gaming even with some high AC and opened windows, my pc seems to generate alot of heat after a while and it makes it a bit hard to sleep at night. I currently have this pc case...