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Page 3 - Forum discussion tagged with gfx.
  1. iAmAdrian

    Asus/MSi/Gigabyte for APU A6

    Which mobo is best suited for A6-5400k?? ram: 4GB corsair xms3/vengeance hdd: wd 500gb graphics: still planning to get a cheap one to crossfire case: CM K350 PSU: generic Thanks.
  2. S

    Will my graphics card fit in my system [Please Help]

    I just bought the asus 2 gb radeon 7770 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121642 I'm really worried it won't fit in my computer i opened it up and it doesn't look like i have enough room, but i wouldn't know i'm not too good with computers. http://puu.sh/61QTw.jpg If you...
  3. D

    Is this compatible?

    I have picked a new processor and was hoping if someone could tell me if it will work in my computer :) My computer...
  4. J

    Can I use me old CPU in my new rig? and will be good for gaming

    I have a Core i5-2430 CPU @2.40 GHz in my laptop which I used for some gaming like garry's mod and CS:GO ect. and I was wondering if I could take that and put it in my new rig and will it be good for running games? in specific Arma 2-3 Med-high doesn't need to be amazing this is my 1st gaming PC