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  1. A

    Gaming monitor help

    Narrowed down to 2 gaming monitors: BenQ RL2455HM vs BenQ EW2440l. I'm a casual gamer looking to improve my skill with a monitor that is fast and good picture quality
  2. C

    Consistent Bad_Pool_Caller BSOD on Windows 8.1 HP Envy Laptop

    Hey I have been getting persistent Bad_Pool_Caller BSOD on my laptop. It seems to be happening very frequently after using Unreal Engine 4 and when I am using Google Chrome. Other people on the forum seem to be having the Bad_Pool_Caller problems as well but it was not much help reading through...
  3. D

    Can I run both triple-channel RAM and double-channel at the same time?

    My mobo has six triple-channel ram slots and I was wondering if I can run 3 x 2GB sticks plus 2 4GB sticks? Also, it is best for them to be at the same clock right? Thanks David
  4. T

    Sanyo LCD screen horizontal lines

    [/URL][/img] hi im currently having a problem with my LCD TV. I see some horizontal ghost lines when the picture in the screen turns bright. I have a few questions about this since I really dont know anything about LCDs. Do I have to replace the LCD itself??(which I think would be really...
  5. L

    Is this monitor 1080p 60hz?

    Hi, this is the monitor And it doesn't say if it's 1080p 60hz or not. Also could you tell me what the refresh time is too. Thanks
  6. I

    Gaming Laptop for $700 or less

    Hey guys Im looking to get a new laptop mainly for college and games. I don't know too much about laptops or computers in general so I was hoping I can get some good suggestions. I'd like to play all the newer games on high settings with little to no lag, for example Dota 2. I recently saw...
  7. G

    my harddrive is plugged in but showing a blue flashing light instead of white

    Hard Drive not working showing a blue flashing light before stopping and not allowing me access files. Usually displays a white flashing light. Anyone able to help?
  8. dazkyl

    GTX 780 Ti vs GTX 980

    Coming from a GTX 570. Which card should i get for best performance ?
  9. veepulbb

    800$ or INR 50,000

    This is the first time am building my own rig. Am doing this mainly for 3 reasons 1) Purely out of passion to create my own machine 2) Get the best bang out of buck by making my own rig 3) Satisfaction of building my own machine and knowing it inside out I did a lot of research on the Internet...
  10. K

    Is screwing in every motherboard screw necessary?

    I've screwed in 5 of the 6 screws on my motherboard. The last hole isn't accessible for some reason, as it is slightly off centre from the standoff. Will that be a problem or can I leave it like that?