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  1. C

    Question Make the intel RAID config menu NOT appear at post each startup.

    I have a RAID setup (with an onboard raid tool by intel on a Gigabyte mobo) on a locked buisness computer. All of bios is properly locked and cannot be played with except for the intel RAID menu which just appears seemingly regardless of what i do to bios security settings. Is there a way to...
  2. J

    Question No sign of power to aorus x570 master

    I shut down my pc like normal last night, then when I went to turn it on today there is no sign of power to the motherboard, I done the paperclip test on the psu and its fan spins up, the power button on the motherboard doesn't even light up like it normally does. Is it possible that the board...
  3. onlythefreshness

    Question Is there an adapter for a USB type C front panel connector to a USB 3.0 motherboard header

    I have a GA-Z270xp sli Mobo and a H510 case and the case has USB c front IO and my Mobo does not have a USB type c connector port on the motherboard. Is there an adapter I can purchase to make that port fictional? Here's a picture for context. Essentially the USB type C header is Female to...
  4. I

    Question what will happen if you upgrade your motherboard

    hi, my question is very simple so I have a Gigabyte a320m s2h motherboard and I want to upgrade to b450 motherboard, and I have a problem which is when I plug in my two monitors it works for a bet then the PC goes down, so is this upgrade will solve my problem. Ryzen 5 1600 Evga 600w BR (7...
  5. Eupeni199

    Question PC/Monitor doesn't see GPU

    Hello there. I've recently bought myself an AMD R9 280x to replace my old Amd HD 6670. Downloaded drivers, plugged it in, plugged HDMI in and all I see is black screen. Plugging into motherboard GPU - black screen. Unplug R9 from power supply, reboot - I get motherboard graphics with onboard...
  6. A

    Question gigabyte force h7 or Logitech G430 7.1

    which is better real 5.1 or virtual 7.1? note that i found gigabyte force h7 less than half the price of g430 is gigabyte force h7 any good? i haven't found people reviewing or talking about it much
  7. bleepbloops

    Question 3960x build with 2009 graphics?

    Building this The 2080ti won’t be here for a month but everything else is arriving now. Can I use my AMD ATI Radeon 5770 c010 as graphics for now? I just need some way to GUI so I can make sure everything works in case I need to return/exchange. Also how’d I do?
  8. H

    Question Which MotherBoard is better for Intel I5 9400F

    So I'm building an Intel I5 9400F, I wanted to get an AMD 2600 but prices in my country are really high, anyways. Which motherboard should I get? or Thanks!