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    Question I can't get full gigabit speed on Windows, but I can with Ubuntu on the same PC ?

    Hi, I just opted in for a gigabit plan from my ISP but I can't get the full speed on my Windows gaming PC. However if I try a Ubuntu from a usb drive, I get the full speed (about 900mbps down, 900mbps up). Here are the speed test results; Windows PC...
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    Question Unstable gigabit connection

    Hey guys, I recently moved house and I now have a FTTP service, gigabit symmetrical! However... I'm running into some issues with stability. Downloads from Steam for example seem 'fine', but HTTP downloads via Chrome or the downloads performed in some content-heavy games (Such as VRChat) seem...
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    Question How to maximize bandwidth for Remote Desktop and Streaming ?

    Connection often lags/drops or is lost while doing Remote Desktop or video streaming. It happened using old router with 100mbps port. Bought gigabit ports router but the problem still exist. It has no problem while using another PC with cable connection. I thought by using a gigabit-ported...
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    [SOLVED] Motherboard supports 100 mbps LAN. How to upgrade to 1Gbps?

    Hello my Ethernet status shows 100mbps because the motherboard's LAN port only support 100 Mbps. I want gigabit experience. How can I achieve that without upgrading my motherboard? I found this product...
  5. [SOLVED] My LAN connection only reaches 100Mb, even though both sides support 1Gb?

    I recently got Gigabit fiber. It is connected to a Zyxel VMG8825-T50 modem. Through Wi-Fi I get roughly 200Mb on my laptop. Surprisingly, through Ethernet (using a cat5e cable, exact model: Cablexpert MOD8716309, brand new, 15m) I get only around ~95Mb. Checking on my router's homepage, I get...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to get gigabit speeds suddenly

    Hi, I have a pretty old Motherboard (Intel dh61bf) with an intel core i5-3330 and intel took down its hosting of drivers on its official website last year, I am having a gigabit d-link DGS-1008A switch , connected to both my PC and to a gigabit port on my ZTE ISP issued router's gigabit port...
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    Question Not getting gigabit speeds

    I was hoping you guys could help me out with this. I've done everything I can think to do, and I've done everything google research told me to do. I have gigabit internet with att, a new gateway from them (BGW210), and a Netgear R6260 Gigabit router. I have cat 6 cables all around. My nic is...
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    [SOLVED] Problems with home gigabit internet setup?

    Hi all, Looking to improve my home gigabit internet setup. Right now, I have my Netgear CM1000 DOCSIS 3.1 modem running into the Netgear Nighthawk AX1800 Mesh WiFi router. From the router I go into a TP-LINK TL-SG1005D ethernet switch. From the switch, it goes into my desktop, my roommates...
  9. berrisj1

    [SOLVED] Best Config of Router on Wrong Side of Managed Switch

    This part of my setup can't change: Cable modem to 3COM 4500 (1) over copper to Gigabit port. 3COM 4500 (1) and 3COM 4500 (2) connect via fiber. 3COM 4500 (2) to 3COM 4500 (3) over copper on Gigabit port. ASUS AC88U router to 3COM 4500 (3) over copper Gigabit port. There are 3 VLANs running...
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    [SOLVED] PC caps ethernet link speed at 100mbps.

    Hello Guys, whenever i plug an ethernet cable into my pc (Asus prime b350 plus mobo), it always picks a 100mbps link speed, instead of the 1gbps i am looking for. The cable i brand new (CAT 6) and the router is a TP-Link Archer C7 v2, i have tried the exact same cable with my girlfriends...
  11. kallaha100

    [SOLVED] Only getting around 230 mb/s when i know i have 1000 mb/s

    I just changed internet provider, where I can get up to 1000 mb/s, but whenever I go to common sites like or so, I'm only getting around 230mb/s. First I thought that it had something to do with my cable but when I put the exact same Ethernet cable into my laptop I can get up to...
  12. Franseven

    [SOLVED] Gigabit lan not going past 140mbs outside sandbox vm

    sorry for the bad English. I have a gigabit connection (940mb day1 700mb tested with my laptop port today) my motherboard is an MSI z170 gaming m5, the LAN port is e2400 Atheros killer, the cable is cat6, the switch is gigabit and it always worked. For a bit, I found the connection not fast as...
  13. lasagnapapa

    [SOLVED] Linux getting gigabit speeds, windows is not. Same device.

    I have a duel booted system, I recently upgraded to gigabit networking, and when I am on Linux I get 950+ mbps, but on Windows I won't get over 450mbps. I tried reinstalling drivers, resetting nat, etc. Nothing will work. Can anyone tell me what is going on?
  14. zikmir

    [SOLVED] Network Speed Bug?

    So for some reason i cannot reach the actual speed of my network. I have a gigabit network and for years i can achieve 950+ mbp/s on, now i cannot go above 100 mbp/s. I first thought something is wrong with the connection so i connected my ethernet (CAT5e) to laptop and speed was...
  15. kinggaming60

    [SOLVED] 100Mbp/s with CAT 6

    I recently upgraded to a CAT 6 cable and i still only get 100Mbp/s. I have already changed the speed&Duplex of my ethernet driver and still nothing has changed. My motherboard is a ASUS Prime Z370-P so it should be able to get 1.0Gbp/s right? Thanks!
  16. J

    [SOLVED] Why is one of my devices getting gigabit internet speed but not the other if they both support it?

    Today I got Fios gigabit internet. My desktop PC that has a MSI 970A-G43 Motherboard which I think is supposed to support up to 1000Mbps but I'm only getting around 300-400Mbps download and 600Mbps upload on an Ethernet connecting with a Cat6 cable. The technician who installed Fios connected...
  17. L

    Gigabyte 1080 Waterforce, Extra HDMI Ports?

    I just opened up my PC today to check for loose wires, its been shutting off randomly since I built it a month ago, and it hasn't gone over 50 Celsius. But that's not why I'm here, I noticed my GPU had 2 HDMI ports on the back, I couldn't find anything online about it, and the specs say there's...
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    GTAV lost_steam account

    One of my best friends lost his Steam account.Someone gave him a Steam Message with a key logger link which stole his account.He had GTA V on the account.We played the game together a lot and I am wondering if he can at least get the game back using Social Club?