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  1. O

    Question 200Mpbs wired connection refuses to pass ~120Mbps

    Hi, I have upgraded my internet package to 200/5 Mbps from 100/2 a few days ago, but when I ran an internet speed test on my windows 10 PC it seemed to only settle around 120Mbps. I was using Cat 5e cable so I tried tried changing it to a Cat6 one but that didn't solve it so I connected my...
  2. E

    [SOLVED] Router Speed is Half of wall speed.

    Hi guys, so I am having a bit of an interesting problem. First and foremost I want to make it clear that I followed the guide found here to get my router to even establish an internet connection ( Model: CM1150V|DOCSIS 3.1...
  3. Question SOLVED: Intel Gigabit PCI-e adapter not working

    Hey people, I just purchased a brand new PCI-E Gigabit adapter from Intel But Im having a hard time to get it functioning, will I get it? The card is installed to mobo and if I connect ethernet...
  4. L

    Question WiFi & Router for Gigabit Fiber?

    Hello, We finally have fiber available & it was installed today - (symmetrical) Gigabit. We live in an 850sq single story apartment in a building w/ 40 total units so definitely WiFi from others nearby. We currently have a nearly 4 year old Netgear R8500 (X8) router/wifi unit. It’s been having...
  5. bdavis5583

    Question No 4 4 pin

    I have a gigabit 1300 watt psu. As my old one couldnt handle my new gpu. My motherboard has a 4 pin that needs connected. What cord could I use to power it?
  6. MrSalty

    Question Odd Download Speeds

    I just upgraded to a new wireless card (WBAX200) and some things download quickly as expected but most things (Web pages, Steam downloads, etc.) are very slow at ~150kb/s What's strange is that some things do download quickly such as videos (Youtube is super fast!) and direct downloads (like...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] WAN Connection is using the Ethernet wall jack, can't use in-wall LAN

    I recently had Verizon install a gigabit connection in my home. This is a relatively modern house with ethernet being run through the wall and terminating at different jacks in key locations. I had the technician put the router in the office. However, the modem is in the basement. To do the...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] Which wifi router for a gigabit connection?

    Hi guys, I have a gigabit internet connection and I am consistently getting > 900 Mbps down and > 500 Mbps up on ethernet. I have a TP Link Archer C50 AC at the moment which is advertised for up to 1200 Mbps but I am not even able to reach 100 Mpds down on speedtests with it, even with the...
  9. U

    Question Stuck on 100mbps

    Any idea why I'm stuck at 100mbps? It's an Realtek 1Gbit onboard, on an Asrock 970 extreme4, running Windows 10. It's my step son's machine. My PC has the exact same motherboard and I've never had this problem. I'm currently using cat 6 cable and ubiquity switch. I have had the same problem in...
  10. D

    [SOLVED] Need help diagnosing a bad on-board LAN port

    Alright I'll try to keep the background short. My neighborhood recently was upgraded to gigabit internet. Naturally I purchased it immediately. I've had some weird things occur with periodic lag and such in the past couple months but nothing major. But now we've been having a lot of issues...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Netgear AC1750 not getting full speed over ethernet

    My ISP recently upgraded their network and now offer gigabit speeds. I upgraded yesterday and went to BestBuy and purchased a DOCSIS 3.1 modem (Link below). I already had a decent router that claimed it supported gigabit over ethernet so I wasn't concerned with it. When plugging directly into...
  12. D

    Question Computer wont turn on unless i jump CMOS

    First - I have been thru the question from 2011 - Here, Did not find a solution. I am using a Gigabyte GA-H170-D3H for 1151, with Intel i5-6600 3.3Ghz(3.9Ghz Turbo) Skylake LGA1151. A couple of days ago I had to reboot my system (forcefully), was swamping the RAM and ubuntu does not handle...
  13. T

    Question Gigabit Issue ZyXEL VMG4381-B10A

    Hello, I currently upgraded with Fioptics gigabit internet by cinci bell. They have a 2-1 modem wifi router installed. ZyXEL VMG4381-B10A. is only showing 170mbps down and 230mps up. My apartment has cat 5e cables running through the walls and then I have a cat 5e cable running...
  14. R

    Audio Loss Problems

    This all started when I was playing video games, and then out of nowhere my audio cuts out. for the past 3 days, i have tried to fix it. I have tried everything, from uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, following the troubleshoots, etc. I can't figure out what is wrong but I don't think that...
  15. D

    Can This Run Oculus Rift VR?

    Hey guys here will be my soon to be rig, I'm just wondering if it can run an Oculus Rift VR as I have heard the PC requirements for that is high. -AMD Ryzen 5 1600 -Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb -16gb 3200MHz My motherboard should have 3 usb 3.0 ports as well. Thanks in advance for the help!
  16. -Ironside-

    Memory recommendations? Need 16gb.

    Hey all, Need a suggestion for more ram, currently have 8gb and it's not enough. Cheap but not crap if possible. If you see anymore affordable upgrades that should be made, please feel free to mention. Have $200-$300 budget. Thanks! Current build...
  17. H

    8 Conductor modular duplex jack adapter

    Can you take (2) 8 Conductor modular duplex jack adapters and plug one into the gigabit port on the back of your computer and then plug the other one into your gig outlet on your router or network switch.....then run your ethernet cables to both jacks...will you now get one 2000gig showing up on...
  18. D

    Port forwarding problem

    Well I'm attempting to create a mine craft server on centos 7. I have it running on the server (a dell optiplex 2950 iii.) 2 Ethernet cords are plugged in. the server is up up and running, but it is invisible to my verizon router. I'm running the internet cable through about 4 Ethernet switches...
  19. O

    Upgrading from amd to intel

    Hi I'm upgrading from an amd 8320 to an Intel i5 7600k. This means a new motherboard and ram. Are there any steps I need to take when swapping out the mobo, cpu, and ram. And if so what do I need to do?
  20. O

    Looking for a mic under $30?

    I want a decent mic under $30 that I can use for communicating in-game and maybe youtube. I know it is kind of a low budget but are there any good mics in this price range? Also, don't tell me to save up for a blue snowball ice.