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  1. Deadgorgeous

    Question Help me understand this compatibilty

    Hi Forums, I am new here and I am having a bit of doubts as I am preparing to do my new build. I just recently purchased Z390 AORUS MASTER (rev. 1.0) (1511) which I believe it is good motherborad with fair price. However, upon looking for the specification from gigabyte web site it says it...
  2. N

    Question Z390 Asrock Taichi ultimate vs z390 Gigabyte Aorus master, which to pick?

    Why taichi ultimate cost a little more then aorus master? Which features taichi ultimate has , that aorus master has not? going to use i9 9900k + 2080ti + noctua n15+ 32gb(2x16gb) g.skill 3200 cl14 ripjaws samsung b-die chips + power supply aerocool project 7 650 w platinum plus