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  1. siam siddique

    Question can I overclock or change mosfet?

    I have gigabyte b450 gaming x containing the worst mosfet of human history for low side 4c06n & for higher side 4c10n....... can I overclock 5800x extremely with direct airflow over the vrm?? & is it possible to replace the mosfet with 4co24n & 4c029n??
  2. Sebsstian826

    [SOLVED] Memory compatibility with motherboard

    Hello, I have the Ryzen 3 3200g APU and i am planning to buy the Gigabyte B450 Gaming X motherboard and this Team Group Delta Memory (tf3d48g3000hc16c01). The problem is that i checked the Memory Compatibility list for my APU and i only found that the only dual channel kit version of this memory...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Nvme Slot behind RTX 2070s on Gigabyte B450 Gaming X mobo

    Heyah! I have a RTX 2070s gpu on a Gigabyte B450 Gaming X mobo. I want to install a Samsung 970 Evo plus on the nvme slot but it’s located behind the GPU. Can I install the nvme simply by unscrewing the GPU? Or is the RTX just too big to install the m2 ? (PC newbie here :/) Thank you ! Kabosy
  4. H

    Question ram problem (Ryzen 1600af + 3200mhz Ram)

    Hello, recently ive bought these components: ryzen 1600 af (new 12nm version) gigabyte b450 gaming x Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz CL16 mobo should suppport 3200mzh. But ram is running only at 2133mhz. If i turn on xmp profile the system becomes unstable and crashes very...