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  1. Jeff_120

    Question Z690 Gigabyte UD or MSI Pro ddr4?

    Which motherboard do you recommend between the relatively cheap Gigabyte Z690 UD DDR4 and MSI Pro z690 ddr4 for a 13600k ? In case of OC it will be a light one. Looks like the Gigabyte has more USB at the back but is hotter no? MSI has the better bios?
  2. Kuri-King

    Question intel 13th gen + Gigabyte Z690 not posting with latest BIOS update ?

    Has anyone else had the following issue where you get 5 long post code beeps with or without any of the other components loaded on the board? But then the thing proceeds to boot into windows???What's even weirder is that I can't access the bios either via mashing the DEL key at power on or by...