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  1. Jsimenhoff

    Giveaway! Win a Supermicro Motherboard and the Thermaltake P1 M-ITX Chasis!

    Supermicro and Thermaltake have teamed up to present another fantastic giveaway for our Tom's Hardware members. Up for grabs is the the Thermaltake Core P1 TG Mini ITX wall-mount, tempered-glass chassis and the Supermicro SUPERO C9Z390-CG-IW motherboard. Get ready to game in style. Enter in the...
  2. Giveaway! WIN a FULL SYSTEM COOLER UPGRADE for your build!

    We've teamed up with our friends at ARCTIC to bring you a very special cooler bundle giveaway. Featuring the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 AiO cooler, along with high-performance BioniX fans of your choice, thermal paste, and a whole lot more. There are 3 prize packages and lots of ways to enter...
  3. Jsimenhoff

    Giveaway! Patriot Viper Gaming Headset Giveaway

    The Patriot Viper V370 RGB 7.1 virtual surround sound gaming headset is designed to provide an enhanced PC gaming experience. Engineered with a closed back and ergonomic ear cups, the V370 blocks out environmental noise and fits comfortably over the ears to keep you relaxed and focused on your...
  4. J

    Question Can a Graphic card cause the PC to not automatically restore, reboot and all options possible in the advance reboot section?

    Hi all, This morning my PC crashed when starting a game and did not wanted to start up again. The automatic recovery did not work and gave an error, I tried the all the options it gave me in the advance section, even the system reboot without the deletion of files and even this did not work...
  5. M

    Hp zbook g2

    Hp zbook g2 Core I7 4th gen cash 6... 2.8GH quadro k2100m 2gb Ram 8 Hdd 500 Is this laptop can run adobe aftereffect, primiere and autocad??
  6. R

    NZXT H700 vs Fractal Design Define S2

    Hi guys, I would like advice for a possible change of case. Actually I have a Phanteks p400, good case if it were not that does not support any AIO above 120mm at the top, the fixing of a simple MSI GTX 1070 is impossible to use for the screws behind and the part of the power supply is really...
  7. A

    Where Will I See a Signficant Upgrade with AMD RYZEN and SOCKET AM4?

    I am currently running an AMD RYZEN 3 1300 chip with 16gb of DDR4-2132 (1600mhz) memory. Built this machine a year and a half ago (approximately) and was my first build in about 10 years. I am aware that there is an opportunity to expand memory and the processor. I am seeing an AMD Ryzen 7...
  8. V

    7700k vs 7600k (GTX1080) Battlefield

    My friend who just upgraded his GPU from the 1050ti to the 1080, doesn't seem too satisfied with the upgrade. While the fps has increased considerably (1920*1080) there are frequent drops in his framerate, he also told me that his frametime tends to jump to 27ms while playing BF1 in full lobbies...
  9. D

    Installing a SSD with existing Hard Drive

    Hello, Recently I have thought of upgrading my computer by installing a SSD but there is a problem. I'm not sure how to install windows onto the SSD. Do I have to use window's install media to do this? Alsoi, what will happen if I do install windows onto a SSD when I already have windows on my...
  10. E

    GTX 1050 Ti + i3 3240 - How bad is the bottleneck?

    how bad will it be? as of the site ( ) it tells me it has a 13% bottleneck. any estimated FPS in GTA?
  11. U

    Powerful PCI (Not Express.) Graphics Cards?

    I was challenged to build a retro gaming beast. I'm only allowed to use a PCI graphics card, not express. Have any recommendations? Tell me the most powerful PCI cards you know! Edit: By "retro", I mean I have to use old equipment, such as a PCI card, DDR SDRAM, and all that.
  12. R

    Ryzen 2700x issues.

    I just upgraded to my first ever Ryzen CPU because I heard they are amazing to stream on. Upgraded from an i7 6700k. So upgraded the Mother board to a gigabyte x470 gaming 5 and installed. Kept my same Ram 16GB 3000 hz and a EVGA 1070 GPU. Clocked Ram to 3000 and CPU to 4.0 When not streaming...
  13. N

    graphics card support

    will my mercury pi945z supports zotac nividia gt710 2gb ddr5 graphics card?
  14. S

    Asus Erases Bezels On Multi-Monitor Setups, Using Trickery

    It’s actually called the “bezel-free kit,” and it performs its magic trick using no active electronics of any kind. It’s literally just an optical illusion. Asus Erases Bezels On Multi-Monitor Setups, Using Trickery : Read more
  15. watrhous

    Dell Laptop Components seen in DM but not working

    Dell Inspiron 15 5000 shows the network adapter in the Device Manager but it is not recognizing my cat5 cable (tested on another pc to ensure functionality). Webcam is not functioning. It says there is a missing dll file. Touchscreen function is also not working. I ran tests at bios startup...
  16. X

    Upgrading PC: Is it enough to upgrade GPU for now, or should I swap CPU+MOBO first?

    This is my setup right now. CPU: FX-8320 OC @ 4.0GHz FAN: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo MOBO: ASUS M5A97 R2.0 GPU: Sapphire Dual-X R9 270 2GB OC Edition (1020 MHz Core Clock) RAM: ADATA XPG V1.0 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600MHz PSU: EVGA 600B 80+ Bronze Question 1: Should I focus on upgrading my GPU...
  17. N

    Need help with motherboard and gpu compatability

    I currently have a m4n68t motherboard and for the life of me i cant figure out if the gpu im looking to buy will work on it. I'm looking to buy a sapphire Rx 560 pulse 2gb but i don't know if my motherboard can support it, been researching all night but i'm too new at building to know anything...
  18. J

    Rate my gaming rig

    Not going to beat about the bush, I have spent lots of whatever currency you use on this rig, just wondering where it stands. 7820x Aorus 1080ti xtreme waterforce. Aorus x299 gaming 9 32gb g.skill trident 3466 ram Thermaltake riing 12 360 Be quiet 1000w psu Be quiet dark pro 900 Sea...
  19. pvlbpc

    Intel vs Amd ( HighEnds )

    I need a processor, which is very good for games and is very good for work. I've noticed in some tests, the i9 7900x delivers much better gaming performance than zen1950x, but it loses a bit in apps for work. The price difference between them is great. i9-7900x for R$ 3.800 ( REAIS BRASIL )...
  20. K

    is it safe to undervolt by lowering LLC?

    is it safe to undervolt cpu by lowering LLC and offset mode? my mobo is i7 7700k and asus z170 pro gaming