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  1. JoeTProsser

    [SOLVED] Will everything be okay with my glass front case?

    Hello all, So I've bought a PC and used a glass fronted case because I have a few pets and my room is tiny so it gets pretty nasty in here on times. My last PC was an absolute trainwreck so I thought I'd try a glass front instead. I have a Masterliquid ML120l V2 on my processor as well as...
  2. FoxyZey

    Question Rubber missing

    Gigabyte C200 case has screw has a missing rubber around it is that safe for the glass? I have been overthinking about it and it annoys me. The screw thumbscrew is with me its not missing but the rubber around the screw house/hole (that the glass rests on from the top right spot as you can see)...