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  1. tuananh13522

    Question CM MA610 P in Phanteks P350X

    So, i plan to buy these two as replacements for my stock R5 2600 cpu cooler and cm q300l case. so my question is will the MA610P fit in P350X? I have read a thread where they did install these two together and it seems that the glass panel barely fit as the MA610P touch the panel yet they claim...
  2. Q

    Need to upgrade my old pc

    Hello I've had this pc for about 4/5 years and now I've been more interested in casual gaming and using softwares like Photoshops, Sony Vegas etc... I'm asking if I should save enough to build a new pc from scrap or if I should upgrade gradually. For now just tell me what I should obviously...
  3. T

    PLEASE HELP ME I'm desperate!!!

    I need help! ALL of my winblows 10 devices are having ongoing internet connection issues, my kubantu boot works, my android devices work, hell I went as far to buy a new Surface Pro (spent $1.6k) and no difference, I can't online game, chat or anything .. I can't even access my modem via my...
  4. HammyNam

    Good sound card for HD558

    I have a pair of HD558s and I recently built a pc. I am not quite satisfied with my mobo audio and looking to upgrade a buy a sound card. Any recommendations under 50 bucks. I was THINKING Creative Xi-Fi Titanium or Xonar DGX. It has to be under 60 on eBay (I have a coupon)
  5. H

    Is this a good computer build?

    So, For about 4 months I have been working and researching and I have come to this build. Is it good or not? And is their some revisions to make it cheaper but still same quality? Thanks [PCPartPicker part list]( / [Price breakdown by...
  6. V

    Computer does not output video after BIOS update

    So I've had my computer for a while with Windows 8 (Not the originally installed OS), but I decided to format it and reinstall Windows 7 because, well, you know. After that I was unable to install it, so I updated the BIOS since the computer came with, and was probably meant for, Windows 7. Now...
  7. T

    Building a new computer, need some assistance.

    Approximate Purchase Date: Within next week or two. Budget Range: $1700-1800 System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming -> Movies -> Internet Are you buying a monitor: No Parts to Upgrade: Everything, old drives going to be used as storage. Do you need to buy OS: Yes Preferred...
  8. A

    overclocking i7 2600k + asrock p67 extreme4 gen3

    i never tried overclocking before.. anyone know or have the best stable settings for overclocking i7 2600k with asrock p67 extreme4 gen3? thanks
  9. 4745454b

    EDC 2014, who's going?

    I got two VIP tickets and staying on the strip. Who else is braving the Vegas heat and going for some sun/fun?
  10. B

    Recover stolen laptop

    Hello, My HP PAVILION G-6 - 2320TX NB with serial number 5CD3183ZDW laptop with Product Number D5F44PA has been stolen from my hostel room. I AM ALSO HAVING MAC ADDRESS OF THE MACHINE. CAN ANY BODY FROM every PART OF THE WORLD CAN HELP ME TO RECOVER MY LAPTOP. I AM A STUDENT AND CAN NOT...
  11. T

    Can i stream at 1080p?

    I want to know if i can stream on twitch at 1080p without signifigant loss of performance in game. my system specs: Processor: intel i5 3670k (3.4ghz) GPU: EVGA Nvidia gtx660 ram: 8gb and internet speed