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  1. Cobbler Jenkins

    Question Acer ed347ckr: Is my monitor dying?

    Has anyone experienced anything like this? Every morning my monitor glitches out for a bit before going back to normal after about 3-5 minutes. I've updated all drivers and checked multiple cables and different inputs but it has the same problem. Here's the video I uploaded to Gdrive.
  2. Question Is it fixable?

    So basically I opened Firefox and the Google logo and the webpage glitched... After 2 minutes the whole computer did the same until a BSOD with TDR Video Failure (or something) appeared on the screen (fully glitched). It does boot to Windows but the PC freezes when trying to turn it off or...
  3. TorQueMoD

    Question GPU picture is coming up looking like torn interlaced.

    Hey all, I've got an older GTX 780 GPU that seems to be working, but the image on the monitor just looks interlaced and torn with horizontal lines all over, and occasional solid square blocks here and there. When it first happened it was in the middle of a game and I thought there was a virus...
  4. Raprilia

    Question does anyone here know what happen to my pc?

    I watching YT while opening Illustrator and Medibang. and then my screen suddenly glitching like this. and then i immedately restart my pc. and it became normal again. In order to find out the problem i try to run a game and after a while, it glitching again and this time i wait the glitch until...
  5. T

    Question Graphics Card Suddenly Lagging Intermittently

    My computer has been running fine since I built it in 2019 up until yesterday. Out of nowhere, video games that used to run very smoothly were now lagging intermittently. In addition to that I've had a lot of graphical issues piled on in one day. To make things easier these are the states of my...
  6. ghost13302

    [SOLVED] Green Screen Flickering Issue. Does anyone know why this is happening?

    Laptop: Acer Predator Helios 300 G3-572 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.81 GHz Motherboard: KBL - Sienta_KLS Ram: ChannelA-DIMM0 859B, ChannelB-DIMM0 SK Hynix SSD/HDD: Model WDC WD10SPZX-21Z10T0 Model HFS128G39TND-N210A I got no clue where to look for the brand GPU...
  7. M

    Question Is my Display dying or what are these (picture in thread)? (Acer Predator 27" QHD (1440p) 144Hz (165Hz with OC)

    Hello, I am worried my monitor is at the end of its life. I started having these artifacts (picture 1) a while back, first only 2-3 not theres more and more. These artifacts are visible in this order of color from left to right - green, green, red, green, green, red. They are at the exact...
  8. Forkyyy

    [SOLVED] Sudden Glitch in the Display. Is this a GPU problem?

    PHOTO = Just watching Youtube when this happened. Should I reseat the GPU?
  9. M

    Question PC startup from shutdown shows glitched screen ?

    Whenever I shutdown my PC and turn it on, it gives me a glitched screen like the image linked below. This doesn’t happen during restart or hibernate, only when starting up from shutdown. PC still boots successfully, it's just that the graphical glitch bothers me in case there’s some bigger...
  10. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] GLITCH: Windows 10 Flashes for half a second then tabs become black and the desktop icons and the desktop itself becomes black

    I'm having issues with my Windows 10 recently, whenever I'm casually using my pc and while I'm editing, the display flickers for half a second then everything becomes black, the taskbar disappears, the tabs that are open are partially black and the only way to revert this issue is to hover the...
  11. FoxyZey

    Question What is that flicker?

    Hello! I think i have an issue with my samsung 24 inch monitor? The part marked up in the picture here View: Has this weird pixelated area that looks as if the screen was hit with something? It only appears on the desktop too and if my head is staying still its not...
  12. [SOLVED] [Resolved] Blue battern graphics glitch while booting or using a web browser in Windows (anything really)

    It’s a graphics glitch so I’ll post here, but I’m not sure if it’s the outcome of some other issue. Configuration: It’s a Laptop GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Temperature while doing menial work: ~45-50 °C Temperature while playing: ~60 °C (not a resource hog game) CPU: Intel i7-7700HQ CPU @...
  13. F

    [SOLVED] The most unxeplainable type of crash that I've ever experienced PLEASE any help would be appreciated

    Hi! This particular case of error is something that never happened to me before .I got a few blue screens or computer that wouldn't boot up but this one is new so I need some help to figure it out. The problem started first when I was streaming in one random night a few weeks ago.The screen went...
  14. Sup3rben

    Question r9 280x screen glitch at 1440p

    I have recently upgraded to a 4k monitor. I know, I am using a 7 year old GPU that was never designed for more than 1080p gaming (I would love to buy a new one but you already know the current situation). Because I have very limited horsepower, I am running most games at 1440p. However, every...
  15. O

    Question Computer screen issues

    Hello, everyone, I come in dire need of help... My issue is (since 3 days ago) my computer (laptop MSI GE62 6qd apache pro) has been having issues displaying UI and (showing me multi colored, pixels and moving black pixels in the UI, as well as characters being some seen as "glitchy", It also...
  16. kurtbaronagliam

    [SOLVED] Screen glitches out and causes PC to crash and reboot, then crash again ?

    Not sure if this is the right category, will move if needed My PC was working fine for a few months, then one night while playing, the screen spontaneously glitched out hard in a sort of pattern. It then crashed the game but not the PC, yet. Tried to open up my game and it crashed faster. I...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] Odd Display Artifacting on AOC C24G1 ?

    I have encountered a strange issue regarding my recently purchased 144hz monitor. This issue was previously figured out, but has returned. The artifact that's occurring are diagonal lines that seem to be mostly green with a little bit of green and blue. These lines cover the entire monitor...
  18. Owen65

    Question New PC crashing because of GPU

    I bought a brand new PC last weeks and after a couple days my PC would, after a couple minutes of playing games, just randomly black screen then restart itself. After a couple times of doing this it then blue screened with the code video scheduler internal error then back to the usual black...
  19. Archwell

    Question Intermittent scanlines on my monitor

    Hello! Yesterday my monitor started having weird scanlines that cover half of the screen and jag up the colors in a strange way. I tried changing the power cable and even turned it on without connecting it to the computer, and nothing happens. Here's a video of the problem in question: I...
  20. A

    Question What's causing my monitor to occasionally flicker/glitch?

    My monitor often glitches on the bottom part to which I could not isolate the cause. I have updated my graphics card driver and even install the latest driver for the monitor. The native resolution of the monitor is 1366 x 768 @ 60Hz. Sometimes whenever I start my computer it sets its resolution...