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  1. Moth254KF

    Question Do the Evga XC 2060 has good temperature?

    I dont mind the cheap evga psu I will change it later, the most important part about the bundle is the rtx 2060 is super cheap almost at its original msrp, I dont mind the psu but I do mind the temperature of the gpu, it has only one fan, It will keep good temperatures? Like, playing games...
  2. B

    home storage solution???

    Hello, over the years I have got a lot of HDDs, a big one, a small one, a portable(2.5) 1T Western digital, and a portable(2.5) 2T Seagate , and a desktop external(3.5) 3T storage, and some internal HDD of various sizes. Space, physical storage, is probably a problem because I am living in...