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  1. eewww1

    Question SSD GOODRAM CX400 1Tb - 100% activity spikes and hult

    Hello. Recently bought that ssd and have problem with it. For example - after i copy\paste file on same ssd disk it will spike disk activity to 100% (in task manager) few times and while this spike takes place the whole disk is "busy". I filmed short video where i copy\paste a 4 gb file on same...
  2. H

    Pc freezes and after restarting it shows no bootable device.

    Pc specs - Motherboard - gigabyte GA z87m d3h Cpu - intel core i5 4440 Ram - kigston hyperx fury Power- cooler master thunder 500w Hard drive - wd sata 1tb Graphics card - gotac gt 730 What happens is, my pc will freeze suddenly, i can still move my mouse but nothing else it'll jus stuck...
  3. H

    laggy games and fps drop

    Hey, when im playing games like bf4, wow, titanfall i got some laggy moments. an example on it : when im playing wow and turning my character around it just become laggy.. and here is a guy that got the same specs as me : without any lagg..... wtf is...