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  1. Appellus

    Question Create My Own Access Point With Unchanging Subnet

    I currently am attending University and living in residence, where they have a WPA2-Enterprise network that uses our uni email/password to validate, as well as a WPA2 PSK for non-enterprise devices. To connect to the non-enterprise network, you need to register the device's MAC address, then it...
  2. DaPro_Skillz

    Question Can I use two mesh wifi systems at once?

    I used to have Google Home’s Wifi mesh system but I recently switched to Orbi. Orbi mesh points don‘t have ethernet ports and I was wondering if I could use Orbi and Google Home mesh systems at once. (I have Verizon FIOS 300mbps wifi, if you’re wondering)
  3. GirikJ

    [SOLVED] USBs losing power?

    Just 25 minutes ago i was talking to my friend in discord and out of nowhere my keyboard and mouse loose power at the same time and 10 seconds later they both turn back on and my google home mini plays a chime for something and im not sure whats happening. it also happened a second time
  4. Barty1884

    Question PoE Camera that work with Google Home or Alexa Show?

    Hi all, Anybody know of any IP cameras, PoE and outdoor rated that integrate well with Google Home (preferably) or Alexa Show ? Ideally cheap(ish)... I gather the Reolink RL-420-5MP does, albeit syncing via their own app then tying into Nest/Google Home, but seems like my main contender...
  5. S

    Bottleneck i5-8400 GTX 1060 6gb

    My Pc Components: GPU: MSI GTX 1060 6Gb Gaming X CPU: İntel Core i5-8400 RAM: 8gb DDR4 2133Mhz MoBo: Asus Prime H310M-D PSU: 600W Monitor: 1920*1080 144hz 1ms I have very low GPU usage when I play Battlefield 1. Also in Witcher 3 my GPU Usage drops to %60-%50, the same for PUBG sometimes. I...