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  1. P

    Question Google Sheets Help - Countif Function not working with Data Validation

    Hi all, I am creating an absent tracker for my department and have stumbled across an issue. I would like to keep track of the total amount of sick leave, dependency leave and compassionate leave days for the year. I would also like to include half days (AM/PM). I have tried the following...
  2. Knova3

    [SOLVED] Google Sheets - Formula to find difference between two values and recognize if the number difference is positive or negative

    Hope my blabbering will make sense to someone. I'm trying to create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets to record profits and losses. I've used the =ABS(A1-A2) formula to get the differences in between two cells values, but I've noticed that it doesn't recognize negative number differences. For...
  3. O

    [SOLVED] How do i create an inventory management system with google sheets?

    Hello, I already manage my inventory with google sheets but i used to do it manually. Is there an option to pair a barcode scanner that will work with the sheet i already have?