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  1. mangaman

    Question How do I download bought movies on the playstore to my computer

    I purchased a few movies awhile back on the play store, when Google was giving out coupons. I would like to download these movies and put them in my personal collection, but how do I do that? I've search online about this, but so far only mobile users can download the movies for later use. I own...
  2. C

    Question LTE for search not working

    I have a iPhone 7 with sprint unlimited plan and for some reason it will not let me search while on LTE. I have all bars, neither safari or google apps work but if I want to do something else like search the news app or use any other app that needs a connection it works fine. Even weirder if I...
  3. L

    Info DONE - Google Extinguishes 'Campfire' Dual-Booting Windows 10 on Chromebooks

    Code changes in Chromium show that Google has deprecated Project Campfire, an initiative that would have brought the ability to dual-boot Windows 10 on Chromebooks. DONE - Google Extinguishes 'Campfire' Dual-Booting Windows 10 on Chromebooks : Read more
  4. T

    Question Trouble with every browsers. Please help.

    So recently, I've been having problems with chrome, and every other browser. It's completely slow and I'm not able to google anything, when I do I just get the following message " took too long to respond.", and when I run the diagnostic tool, I get no errors. This has been going...
  5. L

    Article Google Now Offering Pods With 1,000 Cloud TPUs to the Public

    At Google I/O 2019, Google announced the public availability of 1,000-TPU pods that make use of both Cloud TPU v2 and v3. Google Now Offering Pods With 1,000 Cloud TPUs to the Public : Read more
  6. L

    Info Here's How Google Stadia Will Make Money

    Phil Harrison, who is in charge of the Google Stadia streaming game platform, said the service will support free-to-play, ad-supported games and more. Here's How Google Stadia Will Make Money : Read more
  7. M

    Discussion Can someone sue you over 1 star review on google

    I am asking if I use vpn can someone sue me for 1 star review which they deserved e.g can they find me eve though I hide my IP and name with different one and use a lawsuit.Thank you
  8. H


    After launching of GOOGLE STADIA GAME STREAMING on YouTube and twitch is going to be closed? Will people still watch stream or gaming videos on twitch and YouTube? In other words GOOGLE STADIA will kill game streaming on YouTube and twitch??
  9. M

    Question Google Spreadsheet conditional formating color scale is not working for me

    Hello! I've made a spreadsheet for my friends and I to share anime easily. One of the things we put in there is the release year for the show. I would love to have the color change depending on what year is inputted but it doesn't seem to work for me. I've watched many youtube videos and...
  10. News Google Announces Stadia Game Streaming Platform, Uses Custom AMD GPUs

    Google made waves at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco with a gaming announcement of its own: Stadia, a streaming game service. Read more here. ANDREW E. FREEDMAN @AndrewFreedman Andrew E. Freedman is an editor at Tom's Hardware focusing on laptops, desktops and gaming as well as...
  11. M

    Question Chrome unbearable slow Fresh Install on New PC

    Hello, New to the forums but a little while back I got a New PC Dell OptiPlex 5040 workstation. When I first got it Chrome would not work at all. I kept getting the same error message about DNS not found. I reinstalled it and eventually gave up after trying so many different things. I was on a...
  12. B

    [SOLVED] 1050ti + i7-4790K OK for 1080p 144Hz?

    EDIT, thanks. Thread solved, now just looking for a 24" 1080p 144Hz 1ms VESA , no speakers panel: Windows 8.1 64 SSD Intel i7-4790K (Not overclocked and won't be) 16 GB RAM (2...
  13. B

    Question Low GTA5 FPS with Ryzen 7 2700x & EVGA RTX 2070 Ultra?

    So, this is the first game I've noticed this issue on, unless I should be getting higher FPS in other games that I'm just unaware of. I play on a 2k monitor, and usually see around 80FPS and higher. 70-80 on Anthem highest settings which I think is good. When I play GTA V, however, I seem to...
  14. R

    Question Multi-Monitor: Curved screen with Flat screens

    I currently have two 27" flat screen monitors. I am planning on buying a third so I can play games across three monitors using Nvidia surround. I thought it would be really cool to have a curved monitor in the center of my two flat screen monitors. Would this look strange in any way? or are...
  15. TiNtacular

    Question Black screen when gaming

    I recently purchased a benq gw2270h monitor then i updated gpu and monitors drivers but when i try to play games when i start playing my monitor will turn black but when i return to to desktop my monitor will be back to normal Mobo:msi b250 bazooka Procie:g4560 Gpu:1050ti Ram:12 gb ram 2400mhz...
  16. H

    Question Sea Gate Xbox One Hard DRive Not working

    Quite recently I have purchased Seagate’s Xbox one hard drive. I have had it for about 4 days now and yesterday while i was turning on xbox it would not be recognized nor was the light on. I can feel it running normally but it won’t light up. when i connect it to my pc it connects but it says on...
  17. T

    Question Wifi Driver Crashing?

    My wifi decides to fully deactive it self at random times. It disconnects me from wifi and then my wifi icon changes to the red "no ethernet" like I have no wifi driver installend which happens very rarly but another problem is also having regular short d/c a couple times an hour. I'm not sure...
  18. J

    Question Can I partition an external hard drive for Xbox and PC usage?

    So my brother has an Xbox one 500 GB. he is going to save up for a 3TB WD external hard drive, but he wanted to use it for bother xbox and media usage on his Macbook. Can he partition the External hard drive where he can use 1TB for his xbox, and then when plugged into his Macbook, use the other...
  19. Hayato1337

    Question Z390 Aorus pro wifi NO DISPLAY HELP!

    Parts Pc case-rosewill v500 cullinan Motherboard- Z390 aorus pro wifi atx DDR4 V color skywalker prism 8x2 GB 3200 mhz AMD R9 Radeon 290 4GB ddr5 Intel i5 9th gen 9400f Glacier 850w bronze psu 1TB blue wd harddrive New built pc So when I first benchmark the motherboard, it loaded up to the...

    Question Pc not booting and beeps

    Hey.Yesterday , I was downloading something on my pc and I decided to let it on in the afternoon. When I came back home. The pc was off . When I turned it on, It was beeping three times without booting. Can you help me with fixing it guys .here is the video s link...