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    Question How to calculate each group percentage cut in google spreadsheet

    I want to calculate each group percentage cut base on how much money they put in and I want Group 1 to have a +5% more over the others. So I have this Spreadsheet screenshot, but Im still having problem how I will calculate the +5% more of Group 1.
  2. M

    Question chromebook files download

    if i wanted to save a copy of a document or a picture to a usb how can I do that on a chromebook? Also if I have files on an external harddrive/usb stick how can i access them on a chromebook?
  3. A

    Question NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID when trying to access any of Googles domains

    Hello all (don't know if this is the right thread for this, sorry if it isn't). So, I've been having a pretty bizarre issue when trying to access Gmail and Googles search engine for a while. I get the error stated in the title, and when I click "Advanced", it reads "You can't visit...
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    [SOLVED] Google search engine is slow

    Google search engine load page very slow across Chrome, Edge, and Firefox (current default brower is Edge). Google Image do load (also slow) but when i click one of the images, it just doesn't load and turned black/dark (white if dark theme turned off). On other side, Bing and DuckDuckGo work...
  5. gerero000

    Question Disable Google Chrome Update Notification

    Hi I stopped updating Chrome for a while now (Chrome related services disabled) but now every time i open chrome it shows me the update notification (right upper corner). Is there a way to disable it? without updating of course Here's a link for pics...
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    Question How does Chrome know which passwords have been compromised?

    Wasn't sure which board to post this question. Majority of my passwords are unique for each site, so if something is breached it can't cascade to other accounts. When I log into one particular site using Chrome, I get an alert telling me my password was found in a data breach and should be...
  7. M

    Question Only Youtube is my buffering problem...

    I see all kinds of problems and fixes for my constant buffering on YT, but I thinks this is a next level problem. I play a video, goes on for 30-60 seconds and won't preload further and then buffers infinitely. I go back 5 seconds and then it will preload again and I can watch for another 20...
  8. asiniv

    Question Google Photos - Color Space blunder ?

    Hi, The other day I realized a HUGE blunder I got myself into with all my photos and cloud backup. Many times when I uploaded my exported 16 bit Prophoto color space Tiff files to google photos for cloud backup purposes (and sharing with friends and family) the color appeared washed out and I...
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    Question Google Sheets Help - Countif Function not working with Data Validation

    Hi all, I am creating an absent tracker for my department and have stumbled across an issue. I would like to keep track of the total amount of sick leave, dependency leave and compassionate leave days for the year. I would also like to include half days (AM/PM). I have tried the following...
  10. G

    [SOLVED] Google too much traffic

    I had a couple of cameras installed about a week ago from then on when ever I type something in the google search bar I keep getting the verify your not a robot it says google detected too much traffic however I don't think my usage has gone up I tried restarting my router that didn't fix it so...
  11. A

    Discussion Localization problems in Google

    Sorry, I could not find a proper place to ask this question. It is about Google's superfluous and inconsistent localization (IMO). I live in Hong Kong but I cannot read Chinese. Every time I open the interface is entirely in Chinese, and there is no way to change the language...
  12. Jertery

    [SOLVED] Random Google Sound

    So there's been this random sound occurring every so often via Google (i assume its google as when i completely mute it in volume mixer, the sound doesnt appear) i've alreadt tried turning off push sound notifications on my system settings. Also attempted to check notification on google itself...
  13. P

    Question Google speed test discrepancy

    Hello all, I am having an issue with my internet speed based on what google speed test reports. I have a 200Mb/s ISP connection and until recently this was reflected when I ran the google speed test. However, one day that I ran the test randomly, I noticed that I am only getting 30 or so Mb/s...
  14. L

    [SOLVED] Google Home multiple Bluetooth devices not working

    Hey Everyone! I have a problem with my speakers at home. I have 2 Google nest mini at home. One in the living room and one in the bathroom. My problem: I have connected the living room to my dual Harman/Kardon bluetooth speakers which works good, but if i play from them and the google nest...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Google HangOut (or Viber) Used for SCAMMING ???

    Hello, I don't know where to ask. I hope you guys can help. I met some random "white men" in dating apps. I know there are more scammers than real people nowadays, who want to scam people. Twice, I met different white men who claimed they could not use Whatsapp for videocall. They insisted me...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] Google Chrome will not open

    Im working on someones pc and Ive got an issue that's stumping me. Google chrome will not open at all. When google chrome is clicked the circle on the cursor spins then nothing happens. Ive checked task manager chrome opens then closes instantly. Ive re-named the user data folder in chrome to...
  17. O

    [SOLVED] Google Chrome download problems

    Hello guys, I have a problem downloading files on google chrome. I used to download files at 15mb/s but now I can only download at 400 kb/s and I have the same internet connection as always. I don´t know if you could help me. Thx.
  18. D

    Question Google Chrome and Mircosoft Edge both slow startup?

    Hello! First off, I wasn't sure where to post this thread so I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong category. Recently I've noticed Google Chrome takes about 10 seconds to open from a fresh boot (and even if I have closed down the program). I followed some guides on how to fix it by disabling...
  19. Apex_codered

    [SOLVED] Google Sheets Help

    Hello, I have been working on a Google Sheet for my weekly budget, so I can keep track of money. For each month I have 4 Weeks separate, so week 1 say I have $50 to spent, sometimes I don't spend it on in that one week and was looking into it adding onto week 2 budget. Not sure if anyone knows...
  20. Question Youtube blocking my browser when login into my Google Account

    Hello: Today, whatever I log into my Youtube Account, I get the following error: I refreshing the page and login, but: This repeating every time I login into my youtube account. How I get rid of this?
  21. Dean0919

    Discussion Google & Microsoft

    I have a hard time to choose between those two companies for my main services. What I mean, currently my main browser is Google Chrome, my main note app is Google Keep, my main office suit is from Google, my main authenticator is of Google, my main cloud service is Google Drive, my main email...
  22. [SOLVED] Google blocking me (Solved)

    I don't know if the following post belongs to the board topic. Anyway, today, without any reasons, anytime I doing a Google search, Google blocks me and gives me this screen: This is a first time in my life I getting a CAPTCHA screen when doing a web search, and I didn't do anything for this...
  23. fegsdc

    Google chrome browser accounts and gmail accounts

    Hi everyone. I have recently accidentally deleted my mother's saved pages on saved google chrome data folders while i was trying to UNsynchronize from my google gmail account. I did this by pressing my account profile image and going to the Manage people and clicking the Settings icon and...
  24. Z

    Question Issues with All Web Browsers

    I've been having issues with Google chrome lately, which could potentially be after I used a VPN. These issues also occur when using Microsoft Edge too. I've reinstalled Chrome and deleted the cache and also uninstalled unwated programs on my pc however webpages are still loading slowly or...
  25. A

    [SOLVED] Why I get more download speed from google servers?

    Hello guys!! i've been wondering, why do i get more download and upload speed from google servers(youtube, gdrive, etc), and select few like ORIGIN(game client) and Epic launcher, than my bandwidth limit. after i use up my data limit my internet speed slows down to 1Mbit/s but when i use any of...
  26. M

    Searching google images by GPS coordinates + search result

    Hi all, Might not be the best place to ask this (welcome suggestion for more suitable forums). Does anyone know a method for searching google images based on EXIF data, in particular coordinates? I have the coordinates for my new house, and I’d like to see if there are any photos on google...
  27. K

    Question Having troubles with connecting to Google

    This is my rig. My ISP is 7 Star. Connection type is fiber cable. My router is connected to my home, my and my mother's phone and our tablet via Wi-Fi normally. I seem to be having troubles connecting to Google. Loading takes unusually long and sometimes fail. This issue does not happen on my...
  28. JerrWolf

    Question Pixel 4 XL or Note 10+?

    Hello everyone, I hope this is the right spot to ask. But I'm looking to get a new phone, I currently have an Samsung 7e. I do not like or want an iphone/apple product. I mainly use my phone for communication apps such as Skype and Discord, and game apps such as Fate Grand Order (which is not...
  29. Rodion15

    Question Google search Tools not working for my Google account

    I can’t click any of the tools such as “Any time” or “Search results”. It happens on any computer/ operating system/browser. It doesn’t happen with any other google account or when signed out of google.
  30. T

    Question Google Chrome Extensions bypass

    I found a web-site that have (long video files) and in order to use 1080p it asks me to install their extension (720p works fine). The site is legit, but the extencion it self replaces search engine. Extension Required permissions: 'search_provider' - this permission is needed to change your...
  31. J

    Question Chrome crashes when i launch a link from another application

    Hi there, I have noticed that if i open a link to a website from an application when chrome is closed, chrome crashes and i have to restart it. Does anyone know how to fix this. Many thanks in advance.
  32. Shiffty47

    [SOLVED] I need help to pay on google web store!!!

    So basically for some reason i can't use my master card to buy a theme on the google web store???? I really wan't to buy this theme because it is very cheap and i like it. Is there any way to buy a theme using a master card or can someone help me to purchase it? Thanks!
  33. D

    [SOLVED] Buying an Honor view 20 as an european (belgium) with the current Huawei status?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a new phone and out of all phones, the Honor view 20 is the only one standing out (price/performance and options wise). Should I, as an European, worry about buying one? I fear google support will be halted sooner or later but would like to ask your opinion...
  34. devilgodspider

    Question Website(s?) won't load on pc but do on other devices

    the website I've tried loading that refuses to load on only my pc is and any page that belongs to that domain/main. google, youtube, facebook, twitter, gmail, all work properly. I've updated my LAN driver via my motherboard's website, I've put both DNS' IPv4 and 6 to Google's one...
  35. C

    Question Chrome not working after RAM upgrade, what could be the issue ?

    Today i upgraded my PC RAM from 4gb single channel to 8gb dual channel. And once i tried to launch google chrome it just shows up black, nothing. It doesnt show even the search bar or the minimize or exit button. I did try to reseat the RAM and reinstall chrome but still the same issue. I also...
  36. burabotti

    [SOLVED] Ping to Google data center

    I live in Finland, and here in Finland there is a google data center located in Hamina. My ping to that data center is 50-60 but for example to Frankfurt, Germany it is 20-25. Is there any way i can fix this?
  37. joshsb72

    [SOLVED] Pixel 2 XL or Pixel 3a

    I can either get the 2 for $200 or the 3a for $320. I'm curious as to which one I should get. Battery life, camera quality, and multi app performance matter. Thanks for any help! Both are brand new unlocked.
  38. BlackCancer

    Question Laptop Network connection drops access to the web randomly (except for Google Search, Youtube and Gmail)

    I hope someone can help. Recently my Laptop began limiting my access to the majority of websites randomly. I would try to search something using google's search engine in which I would get results, however; when I click on any of the search results I get an on screen message that says "This...
  39. M

    Question Need recommendations on adblockers and alternative browsers

    I am looking at ditching Google Chrome due to my issues that Google is likely going to prevent the use of adblocking software on their browser. Like many web users, I am really annoyed with ads popping up on various video streams (especially YouTube) and when I am trying to read online news...
  40. Y

    [SOLVED] Cannot kill process for my browsers even after uninstalling

    So, I've been having this odd problem where I cannot browse in any browser at all. Every time I try to connect to a website, it keeps loading but never actually loads. It happened to me on Chrome first, then on Edge, and then on Internet Explorer. I am currently using a browser called BlueSky...