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  1. D

    Question Can't boot to windows without CSM enabled after changing to GPT

    Hey everyone, I converted my boot drive to GPT from MBR, and the drive shows as GPT in disk management. All seems good, until I go into the bios and disable CSM, and none of my drives then show up to boot to. I would really appreciate any help with this, thanks!
  2. _dawn_chorus_

    [SOLVED] OS install from 1703 usb won't update to latest version?

    I have a windows 10 USB I bought during the 1703 era so any time I use it I have to sit through all the updates since. No big deal, I have used it several times on old systems with imbedded windows keys to wipe them clean. I just did this again for the first time in a while, putting an ssd as a...
  3. H

    [SOLVED] win7 converts gpt back to mbr during installation

    Okay, I have spend countless hours on reinstalling a patched win764Proffessional version (its using the win8 installer to support skylake/kabylake cpus). things i have tried: shift+f10 during installation, diskpart > mbr to gpt. linux to convert mbr to gpt nothing seems to work, i tried it on...
  4. K

    Question SSD+1TB hdd boots fine ... but SSD+8TB hdd won't boot

    Bought a refurbished PC ... comes with 240gb ssd + 1tb hdd. Boots fine. But when I swap the 1tb hdd with a 8tb hdd, the system won't boot. I hit F2 and it says it is loading bios settings but can't get there. The 8tb drive is visible and totally accessible via usb-sata adapter on my laptop. At...
  5. R

    Question micro sd card issue

    Hi all, I have an issue with micro sd 64gb memory card. I had 2 cards with same issues but managed to fix one. The card is not detected in windows 10 but can see it in partition software and disk management. It says it is using gpt and one of my issues is making it mbr as this seemed to fix...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Do new HDD/SSDs come as MBR or GPT?

    Hello, The hard drive on my friend's PC got corrupted and was having problems so we reformatted the hard drive with another PC using the command prompt on a different computer. At first it didn't work, as it is an Alienware UEFI system and apparently the drive was formatted as MBR, which the...
  7. R

    [SOLVED] Partitioned drive from MBR to GPT no longer showing

    Hello. I have recently been having some problems with my computer and so I thought that reinstalling windows would be a good idea. I downloaded windows 10 boot installation media and at the time I didn't have a USB to install from. So I used the ISO option and attempted to reinstall from...
  8. F

    Question Which One Is Better MBR or GPT for Windows 10 Boot ?

    Hello all, I am new for everything about PC Builds. This time I have little bit confusing about MBR or GPT partition for booting my windows 10. Currently I use GPT partition for this because I found it's much better. But I want new experience and recommendation which one better for booting...
  9. S

    Question Cannot boot from freshly cloned drive

    I have 2 drives. Both were formatted in MBR. I was doing some googling and learned a little about GPT and since my motherboard supports UEFI (or at least I think it does. It shows "Legacy+UEFI" and "UEFI" as Boot Options) I decided to convert the destination drive to GPT after I finished cloning...
  10. Question Incorrect system partition layout prevents Windows Update

    Hi all, about a year ago I installed Win10 on a new PC and although it was a clean install I think I did something by migrating the system to an other SSD and now there's a weird partition table that prevents Windows Update from installing new versions. What is the correct partition layout...
  11. Varunraja

    Info TV not detecting the harddisk

    My new Seagate 2 TB harddisk not detecte in my TV.. I have changed the partion from GPT to MBR and found the issue is resolved .
  12. D

    Question Cloned my Windows 10 boot drive to my new SSD, it is GPT format but will not boot

    I spent hours trimming the fat on my windows boot drive so that I could clone it to my new SSD (only 250gb) and I have cloned it. Since my Windows boot drive ( C: drive ), is MBR format, I set up the SSD as a MBR format drive, then cloned the C: drive to it (for the cloning process I used EaseUS...
  13. M

    Question Does graphics card UEFI or BIOS has anything with UEFI and BIOS on HDD?

    I recently bought Aorus RX 570 to replace HD 6570, my motherboard supports both both uefi and bios, my old graphics card is at bios, while this new is at uefi. My hdd is at legacy bios mode... I dont understand a thing so i was wondering if someone can explain it to me.. Thank you <3
  14. I

    [SOLVED] URGENT!! DELETED C drive partition during Windows 10 installation. Will it impact other undeleted partitions ?

    Thought of upgrading my Win 7 ultimate to WIn 10 PRO with clean windows install. Downloaded the ISO using Media creation tool from Microsoft. Used RUFUS to create a bootable flash drive (automatically it was created with GPT/UEFI method, but my HDD is MBR. didnt know this when doing initially)...
  15. 1

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 installation.

    Ok so I wanted to reinstall windows and downloaded the windows media tool, installed it on my usb flash drive and booted from it. So far so good. I selected my drive and it said you can’t installed it the because its a GPT drive, tried both drives. For some stupid reason I decided to format it...