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    I'm trying to install WINDOWS 11 and I've successfully enabled FTPM but because of CSM keeps enabling itself after reboot I even exit with the OPTION "SAVE AND RESTART" and because of it I can't enable SECURE BOOT. I have another problem I've tried complete format multiple times on my boot...
  2. R

    Question micro sd card issue

    Hi all, I have an issue with micro sd 64gb memory card. I had 2 cards with same issues but managed to fix one. The card is not detected in windows 10 but can see it in partition software and disk management. It says it is using gpt and one of my issues is making it mbr as this seemed to fix...
  3. kalern123

    Question GPT header corruption, need help!

    Hey! So I've been struggling with my new computer. When booting up I get a error message that says GPT header corruption detected. What could have caused this? Does anyone know what to do? I have no idea, I understand it has something to do with the SSD M.2 or memory in general.
  4. H

    Intel i7-4790K vs AMD Phenom X6 1100T

    In short I will be upgrading to an Intel based setup most likely, mainly for the far better memory options and support currently on the market. The question here is will a i7-4790K outperform my AMD Phenom X6 1100T I currently have despite having 2 less cores? According to cpuboss, the Intel...