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  1. Balenci

    Question My CPU fan isn’t spinning and PC won’t boot, just a black screen ?

    My cpu fan stopped spinning and everytime I start my pc it turns on, no cpu fan and just black screen. My gpu also goes up to 100% fan speed as soon as I start it. (My fans also make a loud noise for like the first 15 seconds when I start it then goes to normal but that has been happening for a...
  2. joharzmn

    Question WHy my Graphics Memory and Graphics Driver Crashed?

    I recenlty bought Dell G5 5500 with Graphics Card (Nvidia 1660ti) 120hz. I have 32 gb ram. But when I try to play game in this laptop. it uses 100% GPU all the time and few minutes later it will crash. Can anyone help me? Thanks
  3. Z

    Question Sudden fps drop in all games

    I have a problem with my laptop L340-15IRH Gaming Laptop (IdeaPad). I got a sudden fps drop in all my games like assassin's creed Valhalla from 60 fps to 12 - 17 fps i tried other games and the same happens. I updated my drivers to the latest version and it didn't work then I installed a new...