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gpu 1060

Forum discussion tagged with gpu 1060.
  1. jorgie.melo

    Question "Please power down and connect the pci-e power cable"

    I have an asus gtx 1060 that i've been using for a couple of days when suddenly it turns off. when i turn it on the message is on display. i try reseat the gpu and use the other connector from the psu but nothing happened but when i remove the connector in the gpu i will get a display and it...
  2. Y

    Question Faulty GPU drivers or dead GPU?

    Hello, I have an HP omen laptop, and it has a GTX 1060 6GB GPU. Now there is no secondary GPU, and the laptop solely relies on this Card. Recently, i noticed artifacts ONLY in demanding games, and then one day my laptop shut off[I opened my laptop and checked, there was much dirt , and i...
  3. GrumpynotGrumpy

    Question Cant play games, AMD Ryzen 7 3700x

    I swapped my intel i5 7600k and a strix z270h gaming for a AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and a Aorus B550 Pro motherboard, i reinstalled windows and installed all drivers and games but nothing works, all my games crash, some get error messages some not, some crash on launch some crash after couple errors...
  4. Haize55

    Question Why is my GTX 1060 6GB stated DDR3

    Hello. My GPU acts a bit strange lately. It has made screen tearing problem and task manager couldn't even detect it. After all days searching for the problem I saw that (software) GPU-Z are showing that my 1060 has a 'Memory Type DDR3 (Hynix)' and 'Memory Size 2048MB'. Moreover I can't even do...
  5. A

    Question This is the result of user benchmark test my gaming performance is less tha 10% how can i solve it?

    UserBenchmarks: Game 16%, Desk 111%, Work 80% CPU: Intel Core i7-8750H - 91.5% GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 630 - 5.9% SSD: Intel 760p Series NVMe PCIe M.2 256GB - 222.5% HDD: Seagate ST1000LM035-1RK172 1TB - 46.6% RAM: Micron 8ATF1G64HZ-2G6E1 2x8GB - 81% MBD: Acer Predator PH315-51
  6. Z

    Question Sudden throttling and white taskbar

    Hi, just now i was looking at my phone while there was nothing being done on the pc. All of a sudden my taskbar changes to white, everything starts lagging, and i hardly can move my cursor. I went to MSI Burner and saw that my GPU had around 80% usage with nothing in the background, just...
  7. JasonS_123

    Question Overclocking my gtx1060 3gb g1 windforce

    Hi, I just want to know if it is any use to overclock my gpu, will it make a big difference and how do i do it, like what settings? I have the gigabyte extreme gaming engine and it has an oc button but it does not seem to do much. Any help appreciated, thanks. GPU: Nvidia gtx1060 3gb. CPU...
  8. L

    Question PC wont boot after air cleaning, but boots without GPU

    Hey, so today i decided to clean up my pc because it was a while since the last time. Simple air cleaning with compressor, disconnecting only few fans and reassambling it back. PC turns on, leds light up, fans start spinning, CPU led debugger, DRAM led debugger and right before GPU led debugger...
  9. Hamza Ahmed Jamil

    Question Gtx 1060 6gb for Z210...

    I have hp z210 machine it has 400 watt psu . I need Gtx 1060 6gb as it requires 6 pins and 400watts..I want to know should I go for it or not I have every thing..6pins connector and 400watt psu.. The card I am going to buy is : http://www.gainward.com/main/edm/gtx1060/index_en.php I need no...
  10. Richard_F909

    Question How to locate what is wrong with my PC?

    A couple of months ago my computer has started to give me some trouble. I've listed the main issues: Games from Fortnite to RE2 used to crash when first opened. A quick press of the reset button on the PC seemed to fix the problem. Now not even that helps me, I can't play games anymore, they...
  11. R

    Question computer randomly restarts after changing my power supply

    so, this may be a long post because iv been having a lot of problems ever since i changed my gpu a few months ago before i start here are my current specs: Intel i5 8400 b360m bazooka 16g of ram ddr4 GTX 1660 ti 6GB 750 watt corsair power supply my first problem was after i changed my gpu from...
  12. Swiggityss

    Question Gpu problems

    This problem has really stumped me and my friend. I bought a new gtx 1060 and a riser cable. My old graphics card worked all well and good and then i put in the riser cable and the 1060 and thats where the problems started. We kept troubleshooting until we found it had too little power and then...
  13. H

    [SOLVED] What to upgrade?

    Hello, My current computer is as follows: i5 7600k overclocked to 4.8 GHz GTX 1060 6gb no overclock 24 gb of DDR4 ram 3tb Seagate Harddrive 1tb M.2 Samsung SSD 240gb M.2 Samsung SSD 240gb PNY SSD Corsair 750w PSU MSI Z270a TomahawakMotherboard I've been playing some Red Dead Redemption 2...
  14. J

    Question High temps?

    Hello, I recently re-build my pc in a new case, in did this to make room for a pump so i could watercool my CPU. But because of this i had to mount my gpu (gtx 1060) sideways with little airflow. i changed some settings in the mis afterburner app to make sure it doesnt overheat, but it still...
  15. S

    Question Laptop severely underpeforming in some games

    Hi guys, Recently I purchased a ASUS TUF FX 505GM which has an i5 8300h 8gb ram and a gtx 1060 6gb. I play a lot of rainbow six siege and get a good 90-100 fps average as should be, but in games like csgo and fortnite I am not getting the performance i should. In fortnite on the low preset with...
  16. F

    [SOLVED] i5-3470 vega56 or maybe get a gtx 1060?

    Hello Dear Forum, i am planning to buy a new GPU for my old rig. i have i5-3470, 16GB DDR3, gtx 770, Windows 7. I was about to get a GTX 1060 6 GB for ~170€ but now i get a friend recommending put 50€ extra and getting a vega56 8 GB instead. Is that a good idea? I am afraid of Bottleneck...
  17. W

    [SOLVED] Computer beeps every 25 seconds after installing GTX 1060

    My nephew bought a GTX 1060 and installed it into an older Windows 7 HP Pavilion. Now the HP Pavilion freezes on the boot screen that allows you to go into BIOS and makes a single beep every 25 to 30 seconds. I've tested the GPU on my own computer, and it works beautifully. My nephew's computer...
  18. R

    Question What PCI-E cable do I need?

    Hi guys, I'm new to building a pc but I have all of the components connected except for a power cable to my gpu. I have a Cooler master silent Pro 700w and my gpu is a msi geforce gtx 1060 (6 pin) what PCI-E cable do I require. Thank you
  19. K

    [SOLVED] Should I plug in the split pci-e cable coming from my gpu?

    Specs- Cpu: fx9590 Gpu: Gtx 1060 6g dual fan Mobo: Sabertooth 990fx R2 Memory: 16gb DDR3 1866/10 Storage: 240gb ssd Here's two pics of it
  20. Forzac

    [SOLVED] GPU Blackscreening

    Hi, Since i built my computer, somehow when i just hit a little my computer (like very gently even) the screens become blacks and then comes back again normal like the gpu disconnects for a few seconds. When that happens ingame, it just crashes the game because it didn't detect the gpu for some...