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  1. L

    Question no video output coming from my 1070ti

    so I've recently upgraded to a 1070ti from a 970; I removed the old nvidia drivers and installed the new ones for the 1070ti. However no matter what I do, I cannot get any video output on my monitor. the graphics card is being detected as I could download the drivers and can see it in task...
  2. ImZephyrian

    [SOLVED] VGA Display, even if i have GPU?

    Hi, I have a Asrock Fatality motherboard running a ryzen 1700 and a gtx 1070 ti But i want a third monitor, but before i make a purchuse, i have a VGA only monitor set on my old mount... just sitting there, is there a way to do it on software. All my monitors display on HDMI, but my motherboard...
  3. Question 500W PSU enough for 1070 TI?

    So i have a PSU from my prebuilt MSI Codex PC and i am about to upgrade from 1060 3b to 1070 TI 8gb, and i would like to know if my FSP GROUP INC. Model NO: FSP500-50ERN power supply is enough for this GPU. Specs: I5 7400 3.00ghz GTX 1060 3gb MOBO: Micro Star international model MS-7996 RAM 8gb
  4. WWP

    Question Can I save my 1070ti ?

    Hello, My new GTX 1070 ti's fans stopped working, first the screen went green and I restarted the PC I switched the HDMI to the motherboard to be sure that if the problem is from the GPU. Then I switched the HDMI to the GPU again, it worked but the fans weren't moving. I knew something has...
  5. F

    [SOLVED] gpu fan stopping, starting, stopping, starting...etc... HELP

    My new Zotac 1070ti's second fan (one furthest from connection to motherboard) ramps up to speed, stalls out, then spins back up. While the gpu didnt heat up too much under load it did rattle almost constantly due to the fan. Any solutions?