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  1. [SOLVED] Is This GPU Too Much?

    I am going to build a computer and have been struggling to determine if the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT is a viable option for the curved montior I'm going for. The monitor I've selected is a curved MSI at 1080p, 165Hz, 1ms, and 32" for $250 (Optix-AG32C) The reason I'm struggling is because I read...
  2. [SOLVED] High GPU temps

    A friend of mine is running a Gigabyte 5700xt gaming oc, it hits 78c underload in COD modern warfare on 1080p max without motion blur/dof and 1x MSAA. is that normal for an AIB card from amd to hit? Ambient is also 28c, he is a little concerned