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  1. A

    Question GPU Clock Speed dropping to 210Mhz during gaming

    It's a laptop , Legion 5 2021 (RTX 3060 variant) I bought this a few weeks ago and had absolutely zero troubles so far (I heavily gamed on it). but it all changed today , this morning all my games started dropping FPS heavily (into single digits) , happened soon after I started playing them ...
  2. AmineMO

    [SOLVED] Gpu clock jumps to 645Mhz every second

    My gpu clock jumps from 300mhz to 645mhs every second which is making the temps high (up to 55C on idle instead of 40C) this problem stops if an app start using my gpu like searchapp.exe but then my gpu is awake all time. also in task manager System is using very high power consumption .i tried...
  3. GingerGuy118

    [SOLVED] Decrese in voltage of GPU leads to unplayable performance

    Hello, I noticed I have a problem with my laptop not a while ago. Every time I would open a game, after 5-10 minutes the FPS will drastically go down making an unplayable experience. I decided to install MSI Afterburner to see whats wrong and found out that my voltage would sit around 0.8-0.9V...
  4. Allether

    Question Random fps spikes when playing for longer time

    Hello, I ran out of ideas. I mainly play Overwatch, but the problem is in every game I play. For maybe 30 minutes of gaming the laptop runs smoothly. After some time I get random fps spikes. The spikes are sometimes so bad that the laptop freezes for like a second or so. I tried reinstalling...
  5. T

    Question GTX 970 clock speed drops under load [video included]

    Hi all, I've ran into an issue recently with my Asus Strix GTX 970 where my GPU clock will seemingly throttle due to power under load, however the power consumption never goes above 60%. The clock will idle at full speed, and even revert back to full speed when I alt tab from a game. Only when...
  6. W

    Screw stuck in motherboard

    Hello, Recently I purchased a 500gb M.2 SSD. I opened my desktop case and removed the GPU in order to place the m.2 SSD. I noticed a screw already placed in one of the three holes where I needed to put a screw, in order to tighten the M.2 SSD so it won't automatically jump back up. (Check the...
  7. B

    i need a upgrade of 2gb graphic card for basic low gaming at 5000rs price please suggest

    i need a upgrade of 2gb graphic card for basic low gaming at 5000rs price please suggest my pc specs are 6gb ram,i5 2.5ghz processor and psu of 250w and also a good psu for the suggested graphic card if replacement is needed is needed
  8. D

    Buffering Problems with 1 of 3 TVs

    Have 2, 55" HDTVs (Vizio & LG), and 1, 27" HDTV (Vizio). All wireless, with Linksys EA4500 N900. When streaming, the large TVs rarely buffer, but the new, smaller TV buffers almost all the time, even with the other TVs turned off. Even the computer (cable with TWC) will only have Outlook open...
  9. F

    Is my psu good enough for GTX 760

    My power supply is 650w with a 12v rail (don't know how many amps) the gtx 760 requires 500w and 30amps is my psu good enough?