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  1. Peny1234xyz

    Question R9 390 usage 100% cause lagg spikes

    Hello everyone. I have a little problem with my friends gpu. That is an R9 390. So the error is the following. Yesterday we update his OS from Windows 8.1 to 10. Everything was fine but when he started to play some games, the gpu usage start jumping and ingame his fps drop from ~80 to 10-20...
  2. O

    Question New PC build with bluescreens inquiring GPU software not working. Radeon RX5700 Strix

    Hello fellow PC enthusiasts! Just built a new desktop pc and immediately i started getting issues when i started downloading GPU drivers. First thing is that i get a lot of bluescreens inquiring my graphic drivers like (VIDEO_TDR_TIMEOUT_DETECTED) and another one which i cant remember the name...
  3. valkira9

    Question R9 280x restarting while gaming

    After while in games pc just turnoff (restart) most the time in league of legend.When i underclock that give's me more time to play but still is restarting,i even turn of anti surge and windows (restart when crash) but still restating. I'm assuming its psu or gpu but there is no way i can try...
  4. T

    ram slot channels

    If you have 4 Ram slots, how many channels do you likely have?
  5. X

    How should I change my PSU?

    My current PSU is an alpine 600w JSP-600P12N. I am going to buy a new PSU such as a corsair 600w builder series but could someone look up an image of my current PSU and tell me if I should just pull out the wires from it, take off the cover or any other suggestions as I do not want to do...