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  1. Average nvidia consumer

    Question RTX 3070 ti making wierd noise

    I upgraded to an RTX 3070 ti - purchased new about a month ago and an issue(?) has surfaced. I believe the fans are making a fast repetitive clicking noise above a certain speed - it gets louder as the speed increases. Is this something to worry about? Is it a sign of damage? Should I install...
  2. D

    Question Gpu fan noise and plastic smell, doesn't go beyond 400 Rpm while gaming, overheating upto 87C causing fps drop

    My gpu Zotac Rtx 2060 6gb GDDR6 is making weird fan noise (buzzing, clicking and some sort of crunchy noises) it is also giving off some weird plastic smell while both idle and and during gaming (it also gave some burning smell a few days ago), the fans rpm doesn't go beyond 400 while both idle...