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  1. Ineedanewusername65

    Question EVGA GEFORCE 1660TI only 1 of 2 fans spinning, fan may not be detected by GPU? is that a thing?

    Hi! finally tossed the console into a lake and built my first budgetish system and got a new EVGA GeForce GTX 1660Ti two days ago and noticed only one of the GPU's fans was spinning. looked around for a reason, then solution, which led me to the (what I'm guessing should be obvious) conclusion...
  2. A

    Question Cpu and gpu fan not working.

    My CPU and GPU fan works fine right after I turn on my PC. But after the PC boot, one of my CPU fan (inhale) stop spinning (I'm using Noctua NH-u12a) and the exhale fan works fine. It also happens to my GPU fan, stop spinning after the PC boot. I tried to update my bios but it didn't help. my...
  3. J

    Question Gpu fans spin up to 100% on boot.

    So I recently bought and asus tuf gtx 1650 super to go in new rig that consists of: r5 3600 16gb ram @ 3200 500gb nvme 2tb hdd asrock b450m pro-f (running latest bios version) Ever since I plugged it and the white light on the power connector has been on, is this something to do with the...
  4. N

    Question old psu fan on gpu

    i broke the fan on the gpu. i have old (broken) psu, it has removable 2pin fan about 80mm but im not shure it might be 120 as well. At the back it says 12V, but it doesnt say the amps. my gpu's fan specs: 12V 0.15A. is it safe to plug that fan on the gpu 2pin header? the header on the...
  5. Z

    [SOLVED] Is it normal for the fans to do this?

    On my msi rtx 2060 gaming z, whenever I set a custom fan speed percentage in MSI Afterburner like 25 or 35%, the fans ramp up quickly and then go down and the speed stabilizes. Is this normal?
  6. G

    [SOLVED] GPU Fan Broke.

    View: As seen in this video of a GTX 760 (same as mine) one of the 2 fans are broken but spins up randomly. Mine has the same problem but not as great it seems. mine sits on 60 rpm for the first 5 min then it spins up to 360 rpm for a couple of mins...
  7. Z

    Question Demerge Download and Documents folder + Storage management

    Hi everyone. 1) I accidentally merge Downloads and Documents folder during managing my storage partition. So that how I can re-separate this two folders accordingly? 2) How to reduce and not used up storage space in C:/ in Program files, Program files (x86), and Users file? Can I move all...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] 3 results, but are they same thing?

    So I went on and searched rtx 2060. (Here's the link for the search if you are lazy) So there are 3 results with one not mentioning "geforce" aka the top rated one. All they all the same? If you look at the first result...
  9. J

    Question NVME or SATA SSD for similar price

    I am putting together a computer for general use and some gaming (old CPU is a 10 year old i3 530), This will be a Ryzen 5 2600 on a MSI B450 Carbon Pro. With some NVME drives like the Corsair MP510 960gb and HP ex920 1tb costing $150 does it make sense to buy one of those over a similarly...
  10. T

    [SOLVED] Help installing windows 10 to M2 drive

    New build, asus z390 e mobo, 9700k, hp ex900 250gb m2, samsung 970 evo 500gb m2, samsung 860 ssd. Unplugged sata ssd entered Bios clear keys, secure boot to other os, csm disabled Booted with windows 10 disk image on thumb drive. Selected the hp ex900 ( based off available space I assume...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] GTX 1080TI FTW3 or SC

    I am getting a GTX 1080TI FTW3 and GTX 1080TI SC for the same price- $620. Which one should I buy? I have a Meshify C and will set up a custom loop in the future when I upgrade to a Ryzen 3000 series CPU from my current i5 7600. I cannot buy RTX graphics cards as they are very costly in my...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] Wifi cards say they dont work on amd motherboards?

    On Ebay some of the wifi bluetooth dual band wifi cards won't work on AMD motherboards, Intel only. What is this I never heard of it before.
  13. M

    Question New graphics card won't work

    So, I'm kinda new too all this. I needed a new video card so I bought what I hoped would work. And it won't. Go figure. Well, I need help now. I have an older AMD pc 2014 and bought a radeon RX570. My question is can anyone help me make this work? Do I need a new motherboard or? Thanks in...
  14. A

    Question pc gets kinda toasty

    so I bought this pre-built pc a couple of months ago the cpu is a i5 2500 and the gpu is a 1060 3gb and the mb is a Foxconn h61mxe/-s/-v/-k so during idle time the temps overall are around 40-50ish which is alright but the problem starts when I game the max it'll go would be 85 which as you can...
  15. B

    Question need help please urgent

    So i was playing with msi afterburner and i overclocked my msi rtx 2080 gaming x trio 150 hz for the gpu clock and 800 hz fpr the memory hit ok and then i scaned with the oc scanner instant hard crash r reeboot nothing no signal monitor, reeboot several times still nothing, took of the ram...
  16. A

    Question GigaByte B360N WIFI boot from M.2 SSD

    Hi, I would like to know if GigaByte B360N WIFI (2018 version) is able to boot from a M.2 SSD (SATA or PCIe based), Thank you!
  17. M

    [SOLVED] New B450 Build Hangs Pre-Bios

    Just finished my upgrade to the MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard paired with a Ryzen 5 2600X. Booted fine first time, installed all the usual MSI software through LiveUpdate. Have yet to do any serious overclocking beyond pressing 'game mode' However at every following startup, the system will...
  18. E

    [SOLVED] Will my Be Quiet Dark Rock 4 fit my corsair 275r case?

    Hey there! I am creating my first PC build and I am super excited about it. Here is a link to all my PC components I am getting if it helps My biggest concern is that I am not entirely sure if my CPU cooler is going to fit into my case? and if it does is...
  19. M

    Question 450W PSU Enough for 1660 Ti?

    So I'm planning to upgrade my system ( r5 1600 @ 3.65 GHz, 1050 Ti G1 Gaming Gigabyte, 8 GB RAM @ 2400 MHz, AB350 Gaming Mobo and Corsair VS 450 Series ). On Nvidia site it says that the recommended PSU for 1660 Ti is 450 W, but my PSU is not with Gold or Platinum Certification bs. Therefore, my...
  20. C

    Question I have a few questions

    Well i wanted to buy Asus p8h67m-pro MB , I5 2400 cpu , GTX 760 2gb gpu. Well i have a few questions 1.Will my MB support my GPU 2.What PSU do i need.i was thinking to buy 550w psu. 3.How good is it for gaming? (fortnite,csgo)