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  1. Myname Ashique

    Question GPU fan not Spining

    Hi I own a GTX MSI 960 GPU. Recent i am seeing that gpu fan is not spinning. When i boot up the pc its spin for 10/30 sec then stop spinning. While gaming gpu temp goes upto 90°c but fan don’t kicks in for cooling. Tried to change it speed with msi afterburner but nothing happen rpm always at...
  2. Thisisnotharry

    Question GPU fan attempts to spin and stops

    My GPU has recently been overheating, it is a GTX 1650 and when I took off the side panel of the PC case, upon startup the fan attempts to spin but stops. When running a game, it gets so hot that it turns the displays off at 99 degrees. I have tried setting a custom profile in MSI afterburner...
  3. boredagain99

    [SOLVED] Is it normal to turn on the GPU fan?

    I know the default is that the GPU fan turns off when not in-game. Is it normal to turn on the GPU using an afterburner even when I'm not playing will it show any effect?
  4. Korayaydemir

    [SOLVED] Why is my CPU too hot compared to my GPU ? (Laptop)

    I am using a laptop, this is the exact model if that helps ( ). My CPU is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz, and its temperatures get a bit too high when gaming (90-100 degrees). I've already got recommended to renew its thermal paste...
  5. EricJR

    Question High GPU Temp on 3070

    I recently just bought an RTX 3070 card and it is great for like cs and valorant but recently for CoD CW, it has been getting up to 85 and even 90 celsius. It is very worrisome because since I have gotten the card the fan has been extremely loud almost like a console fan. I figured upgrading...
  6. Question Cooling/component fans issues

    I'm about to organize a major computer cleaning and my warranties (except for the PSU) are about to expire. So I decided to tackle this issues that's been plaguing me for a while. Every time I use my computer, my fans make strange noises .... sometimes it sounds like a fly was cought between the...
  7. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Asus RTX Fan Connect II ?

    Hello, My question is: I recently purchased the following: Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix Z490-e Gaming GPU: Asus ROG Strix RTX 2070 O8G Gaming Case: be quiet 500DX The case came with 3 fans. I purchased 2 extra fans. But, the motherboard has only connection ports for 2 fans! So....I am using...
  8. Angelouss

    Question Msi 1060 6gb card, running fans All day?

    so i have a MSI Nvidia 1060 and, i am running afterburner, my motherboard isnt the best, my stuff is getting old i have a Asus M5A78L Motherboard micro atx, with 16 gb of kingston 1888 mhz of memory, i have two cpus, the one i have in, is the 6 core Amd Black 3.4 Ghz i believe, and the one i...
  9. Mk782001

    [SOLVED] Replaced GPU Fan, no temp changes

    Hey Guys, A few weeks back, someone suggested to replace my broken 1060 GPU fan (which was crap btw) with another fan (a wayyy better fan) I don't see any temperature differences. Both gave me 91-92C at 100% Load which doesn't thermal throttle me but still is pretty high, even after replacing...
  10. H

    Question Weird Fan Ticking Noise

    So I bought this rx 580 used from someone, and I opened it up to reapply thermal paste and clean it. As I was testing the system out by gaming, after 2 hours it started making this noise: and I am sure its not touching anything. When I would press the middle of the...
  11. carson_e

    [SOLVED] GPU fan not spinning, won’t post, no signal, everything receiving power

    So, after cleaning out my PC via compressed air from an air compressor, all of the stuff in the title is happening. I have reset the CMOS via jumper and removing the battery. I have taken everything out and put it back in. I have tried running it without any memory and it doesn’t beep. I have...
  12. Ineedanewusername65

    [SOLVED] EVGA GEFORCE 1660TI only 1 of 2 fans spinning, fan may not be detected by GPU? is that a thing?

    Hi! finally tossed the console into a lake and built my first budgetish system and got a new EVGA GeForce GTX 1660Ti two days ago and noticed only one of the GPU's fans was spinning. looked around for a reason, then solution, which led me to the (what I'm guessing should be obvious) conclusion...
  13. A

    Question Cpu and gpu fan not working.

    My CPU and GPU fan works fine right after I turn on my PC. But after the PC boot, one of my CPU fan (inhale) stop spinning (I'm using Noctua NH-u12a) and the exhale fan works fine. It also happens to my GPU fan, stop spinning after the PC boot. I tried to update my bios but it didn't help. my...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] Gpu fans spin up to 100% on boot.

    So I recently bought and asus tuf gtx 1650 super to go in new rig that consists of: r5 3600 16gb ram @ 3200 500gb nvme 2tb hdd asrock b450m pro-f (running latest bios version) Ever since I plugged it and the white light on the power connector has been on, is this something to do with the...
  15. N

    Question old psu fan on gpu

    i broke the fan on the gpu. i have old (broken) psu, it has removable 2pin fan about 80mm but im not shure it might be 120 as well. At the back it says 12V, but it doesnt say the amps. my gpu's fan specs: 12V 0.15A. is it safe to plug that fan on the gpu 2pin header? the header on the...
  16. Z

    [SOLVED] Is it normal for the fans to do this?

    On my msi rtx 2060 gaming z, whenever I set a custom fan speed percentage in MSI Afterburner like 25 or 35%, the fans ramp up quickly and then go down and the speed stabilizes. Is this normal?
  17. G

    [SOLVED] GPU Fan Broke.

    View: As seen in this video of a GTX 760 (same as mine) one of the 2 fans are broken but spins up randomly. Mine has the same problem but not as great it seems. mine sits on 60 rpm for the first 5 min then it spins up to 360 rpm for a couple of mins...
  18. Z

    Question Demerge Download and Documents folder + Storage management

    Hi everyone. 1) I accidentally merge Downloads and Documents folder during managing my storage partition. So that how I can re-separate this two folders accordingly? 2) How to reduce and not used up storage space in C:/ in Program files, Program files (x86), and Users file? Can I move all...
  19. T

    [SOLVED] 3 results, but are they same thing?

    So I went on and searched rtx 2060. (Here's the link for the search if you are lazy) So there are 3 results with one not mentioning "geforce" aka the top rated one. All they all the same? If you look at the first result...
  20. J

    Question NVME or SATA SSD for similar price

    I am putting together a computer for general use and some gaming (old CPU is a 10 year old i3 530), This will be a Ryzen 5 2600 on a MSI B450 Carbon Pro. With some NVME drives like the Corsair MP510 960gb and HP ex920 1tb costing $150 does it make sense to buy one of those over a similarly...