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  1. Alphasid333

    Question I have a 1050ti, but Its idle temps hit 60 degrees, why?

    So i have a 1050TI, in a small micro atx case with no case fans. It sits below my desk. The temperature of my room is around i'd say 30 - 24 degrees. It reaches max idle temp upto 60 degrees (Fans dont spin casue they start kicking in the mark of 60 degrees). When i am gaming the fans do start...
  2. F

    [SOLVED] how to find the best Gpu fancurve

    Hi, i thing my rx580 4GB is a bit to loud and i want to adjust the fan curve. I rather want it to be hotter than having a jet engine right next to me. Do you have any strategy to find the right curve. I would like to have it as queit as possible. Do you have the same gpu and can recommend a...