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  1. T

    Question What does "driver service added nvlddmkm" mean?

    My screen suddenly went black for a second and then returned back. So, I tried to see what happened and I found this: What does that mean? Should I do anything?
  2. Iver Hicarte

    Question What does "Green Market" mean when it comes to GPU's or other PC Components?

    2 years ago I bought an Asus TUF RX 6700XT from a very reputable shop I always buy my parts from, never had an issue with them. Anyways, when I bought this particular GPU, an employee of the store said that it came from a "Green Market" supplier, and since I was adamant that I'm not coming home...
  3. shehryarjaved12

    Question Facing crashing issue

    i have gpu r7 370 when i am playing game after sometimes its crashes and my pc restart restart is continually when playing game kindly help me this is my pc specs View:
  4. Ayan Shahed

    [SOLVED] ** PC Shutdown Only When I Play Games & Not Overheating !!**

    ** PC Shutdown Only When I Play Games & Not Overheating !!** Hello Everyone, I'm facing this issue in late 2021 when everyone has known the basics of PCs. At first lemme tell you all my components. PC Specs: CPU: Ryzen 3 2200g Mobo: Gigabyte b450m Gaming Ram: Corsair vengeance lpx 4gb...
  5. valkerionz

    Question GPU glitching on 2k21 and microphone issues along it

    Last night I was playing NBA 2k21 and I got the following graphic glitches When this happened, I was on a Google hangouts and my friends told me to mute because they could just hear a terrible static sound. I'm using the Elgato Wave:3 microphone which has an off button on it. I pressed and...
  6. ziad ahmed

    [SOLVED] AMD GPU iSSUE (detect a Driver Timeout on your system).

    Hi, iam having a trouble with my system , sometimes while iam doing anything not only Gaming the screen goes black and then reload and shows me a message which is " AMD Bug Report Tool" says " we detected a driver Timeout occures on your system" I have noticed that the bug ocurred most of the...
  7. L

    Question Is this weird artifact related to my GPU

    Hello, I've been having some weird problems with my laptop for some time now and I can't find anything anywhere. I've even posted another one of my glitches here and I, unfortunately, didn't get any answers. I'm trying my luck again to see if this is something recognizable. Whenever I use...
  8. Jesga_5T

    Question My screen randomly goes black/ freezes while gaming ?

    Hello, tom's hardware readers, this is my first post here so please dont bash me with minor formatting errors or something like that This only happens when im playing games btw, it seems like the problems happen no matter if its a 2d game or a 3d one, BUT it doesnt seem to affect Flashpoint...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] USB Devices Losing Power, Lose of Input In Certain Apps

    Peripherals Losing Power In Certain Programs, Possibly Motherboard (X99-Deluxe II) Short version of the problem. Losing power to all peripherals, doesn't matter where they are plugged in at. I think that is all that is happening, the lose of power to devices connected via USB, and nothing else...
  10. T

    [SOLVED] PC Restarts while gaming without any reason.

    Hello, I have been having this issue for a week or two where my PC restarts mid gaming, Sometimes it restarts as soon as I start a game, sometimes after 2-3 hours. I already tried various things such as swapping my PSU, GPU I also tried Updating my GPU Drivers, Chipset Drivers and resetting my...
  11. J

    [SOLVED] Micro Stuttering In PC Games - HELP NEEDED

    So just after having a quick scan on the forums I can see that micro stuttering seems to be a fairly common issue but I have tried every 'solution' on every forum I could find and I'm still having the same issue. Basically any game I run will run well over a solid 60fps if left uncapped but if...
  12. I

    Question GPU Usage problems

    Hi, I'm gonna (try to) keep this short while not leaving any details that might be useful. Basically, ever since I've got this PC, I have a problem with the usage of the GPU. At first, I thought it was because of the GPU itself, so I bought a new one (1060 3G), and, the problem is still present...
  13. Bulger

    [SOLVED] PC Won't boot with certain GPU installed

    So recently I put together a new system and it was working fine for about two days until I was in the middle of playing a game and all of a sudden my screen goes grey and the whole system crashes. I then power down my PC and when i go to turn it back on it wont boot, I cant even get to the...
  14. valiantsmash

    [SOLVED] Possible GPU failure?

    Hi all So I seem to have come across an issue today. I had booted up my pc to do some video editing/gaming and my pc locked up as soon as I had started editing. It seemed to have frozen with strange colours like artifacts all over both monitors. This required a restart. Upon restart, my pc...
  15. MikeTheSurfer

    [SOLVED] Has anyone solved random shutdowns once and for all?

    Ok so I have seen hundreds of questions like this, is there a definite fix to the monitor randomly losing connection. My main belief is that it has to do with the GPU. I have a RX 580 gts xx black edition. I already sent the card back for RMA and when I got the new one there was no difference...
  16. T

    [SOLVED] My motherboard doesn't detect gpu

    So, i want upgrade my old pc but my motherboard doesnt see gpu. I bought new gtx 760 windforce, fans work and when i plug in cable to my psu no signal disappears but i still have black screen.The monitor is in standby mode My specifications CPU: i3-2100 MOBO: Gigabyte ga-h61m-s2-b3 GPU: This gtx...
  17. P

    does this asus rx 460 requite a 6 pin Also, for those who have used ebuyer free delivery. How long does...