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  1. C

    Question Gpu memory stuck at max

    Ive got a gtx 1050ti thats about a year old now. Its running all of the latest drivers but, recently the Gpu's memory has been stuck at max even while its idle. This is making some of my games have frame drops like fortnite were I was playing it at 120fps and now it barely runs 30-60! This is...
  2. M

    budget gaming computer with emphasis on cheap

    Good day! I like gaming, but I consider myself as casual gamer. That means I would like to get my hands on the newest titles but I wouldn't care if can't get the best graphics. That means I want to spend as less money as possible to create something like living room media center. I believe the...
  3. tamethegamer

    Blinking underscore during boot?

    My computer boots successfully (especially with my new SSD) but I have now noticed a small white blinking underscore in the top left corner on a black screen during the boot process? This occurs for around 2-3 seconds and I was wondering what it is there for and is there any way I could disable...