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    Question GPU fan not spinning ?

    Okay. So. About two weeks ago my pc shut off. I opened up the case and found somehow I had knocked over my vape mod, and e liquid spilled directly onto the GPU. I replaced the GPU (it was put into the secondary PCIe lane since it wasn’t fitting in the first one) with a AMD RYZEN 5500 XT...
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    Question PC getting no display randomly

    Hello everyone, i am sure my case will intrigue you all, for me at least is the weirdest issue i ever had so lets get started. Summer 2016 i built my custom pc AMD FX 8350 Ram Corsair ddr3 2x4gb 3200 PSU Corsair 550w AMD Saphire r7 Motherboard MSI 970A G43 HDD WD 7.2k rpm blue Built it myself...