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  1. T

    Question GPU Fan Curve?

    Hey Community! So In both my systems (GTX 970/ GTX 1080) I have the GPU fan curve set so it hits 100% before 60c, I notice it seems to perform pretty well that way, I mean, why would I want it getting hotter than that? I was just watching a tech-tuber (Paul's Hardware) talking about OC'ing a RTX...
  2. GalaxyClimax

    Question Games Crashing after minor overclock

    I have a GTX 1050 SC from EVGA [2016] I overclocked a little bit [100mhz more] and then saved it my computer crashed after and I left it for a day then booted it again it was fine till I opened games [PUBG, [Old] Fortnite, etc] and they all crashed I went to Micro Center is to buy a new power...
  3. J

    Question gtx 1060 max clocking when i play

    whenever i play any games on my pc the gpu clocks to 1948 mhz when its base clock is 1556 mhz idle is fine temps never go above 71 celsius the gpu will also run at 99% load unless i put an fps cap on. How do i stop this? Or does it matter at all?