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Forum discussion tagged with GPU PROBLEM.
  1. K

    Question Games stuttering even though fps is always above 60

    Hello, currently I'm using a dell inspire 7559 laptop and at first, everything was going smooth and etc. But now while playing games like csgo it just feels choppy when I interact with enemies or when I'm looking directly at smoke, it gets choppy and completely ruins the game experience. I don't...
  2. F

    Question The most unxeplainable type of crash that I've ever experienced PLEASE any help would be appreciated

    Hi! This particular case of error is something that never happened to me before .I got a few blue screens or computer that wouldn't boot up but this one is new so I need some help to figure it out. The problem started first when I was streaming in one random night a few weeks ago.The screen went...
  3. F

    Question Computer crashed twice without BSOD while streaming ?

    Hi! This particular case of error is something that never happened to me before .I got a few blue screens or computer that wouldn't boot up but this one is new so I need some help to figure it out. I was streaming just a few moments ago and my computer crashed .It went black and the only sound...
  4. C

    Question No HDMI signal after GPU change from AMD to NVIDIA

    Hi Everyone. I have a very wierd problem. Yesterday I have changed my PC's GPU from Sapphire Pule RX 580 GB to a Gainward GTX 285. The reason of the change, I just borrowed the AMD one. So before the AMD I had the GTX 285 in it, and it was working plug and play. I inserted the AMD GPU booted...
  5. H

    Question GPU Fans not Spinning and No Display help

    My gpu played some intensive games perfectly yesterday without any signs of it dying, the next day it won't display anything and it's fans aren't spinning. So far I've only tried installing a different GPU (my old one) and it works but the RX doesn't I also tried resetting with CMOS but it...
  6. Synth_

    Question It’s about my graphics card

    I did an overclock on GeForce experience and ever since then my games have so much input lag but my FPS don’t drop FPS is fine just a lot of input lag done a lot of optimisation to windows I just makes it worse please can you help me ASAP please
  7. N

    Question My entire PC turns on, except for my graphics card, can someone help?

    I am building a new system with some Christmas upgrades, and I have ran into quite a weird issue my entire PC turns on, the fans, the motherboard, the cpu radiatior/pump etc. except my graphics card, but the weird thing is the fans spin, but the green led light does not turn on and my monitors...
  8. Iggydying

    Question MSI RX 580 no signal

    Hey, I put together a new pc for myself and after I got all the parts I switched it on. The problem is that after I switched it on, every cooler started spinning and computer sounded like it worked but I couldn’t get any signal from my GPU to my monitor, I connected my GPU through HDMI and I...
  9. K

    [SOLVED] GPU boot up problem

    Basically, when i turn my pc my gpu starts spinning its fans, then stops and after that it turns on again and works totally fine afterwards. I just swapped my psu so i guess that has something to do with it. Is that part from the boot up sequence or is there a problem with my gpu/psu?
  10. bintangwidiyo

    [SOLVED] Gpu needs 2 6+2 pins, I only have one

    im buying sapphire nitro rx 570 8gb OC, and it need 8pin and 6 pin to power up, since im using gamemax gp 550 which have 550w, can i use converter 1x 6+2 pin to 2x 6+2 pin to power up the gpu? sorry if im asking stupid question because im a newbie.
  11. D

    Question RX 560 not performing as it should

    So, a couple years ago, I purchased the MSI AERO ITX Radeon RX 560 (https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/Radeon-RX-560-AERO-ITX-4G-OC.html ). Well, basically I haven't even thought about it for some reason. But the graphics card is performing way worse than I have heard. On gpu.userbenchmark.com it...
  12. N

    Question Missing component (Transistor?)

    Hey guys, so I have a Sapphire Radeon RX 570 ITX 4GB and i took it off to clean some of the dust from the fan. When i put it back, the buzzer made 1 long and 3 short beeps and the display had the NO SIGNAL message. I tried taking off the RAM, cleaning everything, taking the power cord out and...
  13. M

    Question My PC is randomly not turning on

    PC Specs : Pentium G4560 Asrock H110m GTX 1050 TI 8GB DDR4 2133 Corsair CV450 Hello, I am having a problem with my pc its randomly not turning on, sometimes its working fine (not shuttingdown randomly, no bsod its completely working fine for 6 hours or more straight in gaming) but all the time...
  14. edensheiko

    Question is my gtx 970 is dying?

    hello! it's my first time posting here for help, (didn't get much help from forums in my country) secondly I an sorry for my English (it's not my native languish) my system worked fine till last month, I wanted to overclock my monitor from 60hz>>67hz and overclock again my card, during the...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] Laptop screen flickering red and green. External monitor works fine

    My laptop screen's been flickering with red and green lines that cover up the entire screen. I tried using an external monitor to see if the problem is really the laptop screen or the gpu, but the external monitor seems to work fine. The problem seems to occur randomly, but frequently enough to...
  16. ghintipas

    Question GTX 980 ti Problem

    I have a gtx 980ti g1 and when I try to play games after half an hour my games crash and close. My specs are i7 5820k , 32gb ram and 850w gold psu. My gpu is not overcloacked and i don t have thermal problems my cpu is watercooled . I though my gpu was thermal throttling so i tried running 100%...
  17. Deanosaurus

    [SOLVED] Just ran my pc through user benchmark with worrying results.

    Hi guys, i've just ran my computer through userbenchmark and the results are worrying me, its saying my gpu is performing below expectations and also my hard drives, bear in mind though my hard drives are nearly full so not sure if this makes a difference. I checked the status of my hd's with...
  18. SpaceCraft

    Question GPU at low procent %

    I have a little issue, a couple of days I started my PC just like everyday, but when I started a game (GTA V) but it ran on a very low fps. normally the game runs at about 110-130 fps at max settings at 1080p, but now it ran at 50-60 fps. So i started Rainbow six to see if I had the same problem...
  19. P

    [SOLVED] Weird transparent black lines on screen.

    Specs: Cpu: intel i3 3240 3.4 ghz Gpu: galax gt 730 gddr5 monitor:dell E1920h Ram: 4gb ddr3 Hdd: toshiba 500gb Psu: dell 275w VGA PORT PC TO MONITOR Before i was using inno3d gt 220, there's no lines on the screen. I bought an galax gt 730 ddr5 and install it correctly, the lines appears on...
  20. H

    [SOLVED] GPU not using full power

    Hi chief I recently bought a MSI GL 63 8SE with RTX 2060 but I noticed that while gaming the computer does not use its full GPU power and it only uses about 50% to 60%, tried to change the windows power-saving and stuff, but did not fix anything... really do not know what to do more, appreciate...