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  1. I

    [SOLVED] How to pass through video signal through motherboard usb c.

    So i was wondering if it is possible to output a videosignal from my GPU through my motherboard USB C, to a usb c display or VR-Headset as my GPU does not have a USB C output. my specs are: Ryzen 2600 Asrock b450 pro4 AMD RX 580 8GB (sapphire pulse) preferrably Windows 10, but i wouldn't mind...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] GPU Overheating and shutting down.

    Hello! So about a month ago i bought a 2nd hand GPU a sapphire radeon nitro+ rx 580 8gb from a electronics store, ever since i bought it I've had overheating issues with it i personally never OC it, i did underclock to try and fix the issue but no luck, the RX 580 was a popular mining card so i...
  3. jester417

    Question PLEASE HELP RX580x 8gb running super slow

    Hey guys i recently bought an rx 580 and its running super slow in all my games i barley hit 60 in some game like gta V even though after looking it up i should get well above 60 my setut is an i3 6100 500watt thermaltake psu and 1x8gb stick of ddr4 ram even esports game games like valorant i...
  4. S

    Question RX 580 8GB GPU USAGE 100% TO 0%

    Hi,people,i Have a problem with my rx 580 8gb,that is very annoying,When i play games like Devil May Cry 5 i had gpu usage drops from 100% to 0% this causes the game freezes for like 1-5seconds. My Specs are: I3 9100F 3,6GHZ(NOT OC) RX 580 8GB WD 1TB Thermaltake 500w Ram crucial ballistix 1x8...