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  1. mymercedesisntfast

    [SOLVED] Is it the gpu or PSU?

    hi!,so about a week ago my pc died while im playing, and im sure it is a PSU problem , and at that time im also thinking it'll be a great idea to replace my gtx 1050, so i bought 2 PSU and a RX580 , why 2 PSU? bcs i have an old PC which also died from PSU issue, and thinking to put my GTX 1050...
  2. DarkSaph

    Question Gigabyte RX5700 XT sparks where power goes in when PC shuts down. Any solutions?

    Whenever I shut down the PC, sparks come out of the PCI power input of the GPU. Is there any way to solve this problem or is it a faulty GPU/PSU? The PSU is a Corsair TX550M 80+ Gold by the way.