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  1. I

    Question GPU & PSU recommendation ?

    I have ASUS H81M-PLUS motherboard, 4x4 1600 MHZ Ram, Intel i5 4460 CPU i need to upgrade my GPU in this system. my PSU is AC~220v 50hz. I have a good budget. Is this system does it support 1050ti or 1650ti? with this CPU. Waiting for your GPU suggestions can be any brand or model. I would be...
  2. Mr.Stork

    Question Which Gtx 1660 and ti and Rtx 2060 variant to get? is quiet?

    Please suggest all three card's best variants, I want something which is quiet and cool, as I have seen in a video, the one fan varients(cheapest) ones can get very noisy on load to keep it cool. So like a gaming x? I don't want too much noise. And I might do a slight overclocking in the future...
  3. P

    Could use a little help with my new Fractal R4 case. Namely, LED light and the fans.

    Hello. I just had my PC assembled in a Fractal R4 case and the LED light is not working. We tried plugging it in a few ways but no luck. I am using this motherboard So far, the case seems to be doing an excellent job of keeping the...