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  1. Angelouss

    Question Asus 2060 Rtx 6gb "oc edition"? and Jedi survivor plus other games question about settings

    ok, as in subject, my gpu is a 2060 asus rtx 6gb card, i have had it since 2020, and it has been a not bad update from the 1060 6gb card i had, but the rtx and newer model, it is a step up i have felt, but, i run, 16gb of corsair memory, with a older cpu a 2600 Ryzen 5 3.4ghz 6core 12 thread...
  2. Jaiverson Payan

    Question Is dangerous have 89º in my rx 550 LP while playing?

    I have a rx 550 Low Profile, while playing the temperature up to 89º and watch in the website of amd thanthe max temps of this gpu is 80º, excuse for my english . This is my rx 550 model is of 4 GB
  3. Benjimangos

    [SOLVED] Increase Minimum Temp Limit

    Hello, I have an Gigabyte RTX 2080 Gaming OC and when it reaches its "Minimum" temperature limit, the fans max out which is quite loud and unnecessary. I have tried a custom fan curve and increasing the temp limit on Afterburner, Firestorm and GPU Tweak 2 separately to no avail. I have tried a...