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  1. N

    Question Wierd fps in certain games

    Hi everyone. I'm wondering if you guys can help me with this issue I'm experiencing lately. PC specs: 32GB ddr4 ram Ryzen 7 2700X RX 570 8GB model (sapphire Nitro+) HDD 3TB M.2 thingy 500 GB So lately some of the games I'm trying to play are having 0% gpu usage and response time is like 80+ms...
  2. Zamfik267

    Question PC severely underperforming, stuttering and weird GPU & CPU Usage ?

    Hello, so recently i’ve bought myself an RX 6650 XT 8gb Shappire Pulse, i had an RX 580.. But after installing the new gpu my pc was severely under performing.. i was getting wierd usages like 50% CPU 45% GPU in games but very low fps.. sometimes i would also get 100% GPU and 20% CPU or...
  3. S

    Question Rtx 3080 not running above 50% usage in almost every game

    In almost every game I run my GPU doesn't go over 50% max usage and most of the time its under 40%. I have set most of my 3d settings to max performance in GeForce control and set power management to max performance as well. I'm wondering if its a bottleneck issue. SPECS: Asus tuf 3080 gpu...
  4. M

    Question I5 10400 usage 100% ingame with low GPU usage (urgent)

    Hi, so I bought a brand new pc 2 days ago: I510400f Hikvision 16gb 2666hz cl16 (2 sticks) msi 6600xt 500gb nvme biostar h510 motherboard So yesterday everything was fine playing warzone at low setting 1080p. avrg fps 120 without stuttering or fps drops, GPU usage 95-100% and CPU 65-80%...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] GPU utilization is low when playing Valorant ?

    I am fairly new to pc gaming but when playing the game Valorant i've noticed that my gpu usage is only at 40% and cpu 25%. As a result my fps is only around 100 whereas, from what I read, it should be around 200. My specs are: Gpu : RTX 3050 Cpu : Ryzen 7 4800H Ram: 16gb (Single channel) Also...
  6. NWEraser

    [SOLVED] Low GPU Usage in all Games. No ideas left

    Hi Guys, my Problem is, that my GPU usage is like always under 80%. Sometimes I have spikes up to 90 but thats for seconds. And it cant be Game related, because I have this Issue in every game. (AC Valhalla, Cyberpunk, LoL, Cod MW/Warzone, Watchdogs Leagion) System: Motherboard: MSI x470...