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  1. jnjnilson6

    Discussion Borderline CPU - Comparisons

    This is another illuminating question that would be regarded differently depending upon the particular requirements of said forum user and depending upon the deeper intentions we harbor regarding the term 'requirements.' It would be beautiful to skim upon the outline of the question, answering...
  2. P

    Question Upgrade now to an RX 6700 XT or wait for the RTX 4060 Ti 16GB

    Hey everyone. I'm planning on upgrading my 7 year old GTX 1070 but my budget is a bit limited, at about 400 euros. I live in Greece and I have found a really good deal on an RX 6700 XT from Powercolor at about 360 euros, but these cards are selling fast so I have to make a desicion soon. I was...
  3. S

    Question Game Stutter

    I've haven't played anything on my PC in awhile but now since I've jumped on again and tried to play a few games, I've now got a stutter on any game I play? These aren't demanding games at all either (Risk of Rain 2) being one of them. My FPS is sitting between 57 and 60 like it always did and...
  4. Jaymz2000

    [SOLVED] Strange aroma of electricity

    Very suddenly there's the smell of electricity, I'm sure you know the scent. Like an electric fire or something, everything is working fine, my CPU temp is 35c 99% of the time, my GPU is an RTX so the idle temp is around 40c... so I'm not sure what the deal is, I see no smoke, no fire (knock on...
  5. Thundurh

    Question Graphics Crash

    I have had an issue with crashing while playing intensive games with my gaming rig since around 2017. The games crash in one of two ways each time. Either a light green/brown-looking blank screen fills my monitor, the light on my graphics card turns off for a second, then my computer will...
  6. K

    [SOLVED] Case Suggestion?

    Hey guys! Not sure if anyone can help me with this. I'm looking for a case that will fit both of these GPUs: I don't think my current case will cut it. Basically, there isn't...
  7. K

    [SOLVED] Noobquestion: Why a 12V rail and why do VRMs exist?

    I am not sure if this forum is the right place to ask this question but i saw some similar posts so here goes: In my long-ongoing quest to understand how a computer works, I recently watched a lot of videos on pcb design and VRMs. As far as I understand it, the exclusive task of VRMs is to...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] GA 970A UD3P - Whats a good PCi EX16 Nvidia Graphics card for for Meetings Video editing? -32gb Ram 750w pwr - AMD FX 4300 quad @ 3800mhz

    Hi Everyone I have had this motherboard for 7 years and it is fantastic. :) I just got a new monitor Samsung 34" Curved CJ79 monitor so need a graphics card that supports the 21:9 Qled widescreen format GA 970A UD3P - Whats a good Graphics card for Samsung CJ79 3440 x 1440 for Meetings...
  9. Pijmzhchus

    Question GPU won't post after installing drivers. Please help.

    So I bought Sapphire R9 280x Tri-x. So when I tried switching first time the GPU didn't post. I had Windows 10 installed with MBR and I read that it can cause problems when switching GPUs. So I reinstalled Win 10 to GPT. Right after reinstall I switched the GPUs and the R9 280x posted and I log...
  10. ajgringo619

    Question Dual-monitor setup, 2 GPUs, one monitor with multiple HDMI ports

    [Linux Mint 20 XFCE] I'm trying to setup a dual-monitor configuration with only one physical monitor. I have (2) GPUs, a GTX 1050 TI and Radeon R9 290, both connected to an Acer 27" XF270H via HDMI. My system sees both displays, but switching to the 2nd GPU on HDMI2 gives me a blank screen. Is...
  11. F

    [SOLVED] Rtx 2060 6 to 8 pin adapter

    So recently I got the msi ventus xs oc edition 2060 for 300 euros, nice little bargine I fetched myself. Unfortunately my psu has 2, 6 pins as opposed to an 8 pin, which is what the 2060 has. I've looked at multiple forums and read a bunch of things, apparently 6 pins will only deliver 75Ws so...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Buy 2080 Ti or wait for the new GPUs ?

    Hello, i need some advice. I was planing to buy a PC in August with an i9 9900k and a RTX 2080 Ti. So is it better to wait for the new Nvidia GPUs or should i go with the RTX 2080 Ti ? And what will the price be, if someone can guess for the new GPUs? Thanks in Advance.
  13. hyrix7Q

    [SOLVED] is PSU RMA accepted with Scratch in it

    so my PSU ( THERMALTAKE SMART RGB 500W ) been making some weird noise and going loud when i play high end games ( which it wasnt in the first months ) and now i have a scratch on it and i want to rma and im having doubts that they wont accept it because of the Scratch is it true ???
  14. D

    [SOLVED] What is going on? Brand new ibuypower...

    I dont know what is going on. bought a new ibuypower amd 3700x, asrock b450m-ibw i think its custom with custom firmware 1.50, 16 g of adata 2666, dont know what the power suppy is but i know it works. gtx 1660 ti g card. cant run ANY game above 30-50 fps, mouse jumps all over the screen at...
  15. X

    [SOLVED] Using one GPU to play a game while outputting from another

    So I got my self in a weird situation. I just purchased a used GTX 570 (it works fine, tested it on seller's system) and found out I actually don't have the cable to connect it to my monitor. I've already ordered one, but it will take about a week or so to arrive and I need a more immediate...
  16. drosehill

    Question Looking for GPU with six or more outputs

    Hi! I'm looking for a GPU with six or more discrete outputs (ie, not one output that is a DP output that can be daisy-chained). I use my PC for office work — so I don't have any gamer-specific requirements. I've found two options so far but would be interested in knowing what else is on the...
  17. SparkyTech934

    [SOLVED] MSI Afterburner and Unlocking Voltage Control

    Hi all, So I've been into PC building and gaming for quite some time now (since about 2014), so I feel pretty confident with my computer hardware skills. One avenue that I have more recently been exploring is GPU overclocking. I've definitely gotten the hang of general overclocking and...
  18. bruh1

    [SOLVED] Monitor shows no signal at 1280x1024 resolution(the default one)

    So yesterday I had an old card, i used a dvi to vga converter to connect it to my monitor.It ran fine at 1280x1024. I bought a new card today, the dvi converter doesnt work here so I bought a hdmi to vga converter, installed new drivers. Everything is working fine, except whenever i set my...
  19. R

    Question Is my cooling/CPU/GPU okay??

    Hello! I was recently playing Fortnite and I was curious to see what my temps were on my Alienware Aurora Gaming PC. I checked the Thermal Controller and the GPU was going from about 78C to 82C, and I was wondering if thats bad. I can also hear the fans on my PC too, but it is pretty quiet. I...
  20. F

    [SOLVED] GTX 660Ti Compatibility

    Is the GTX 660Ti 2GB compatible with my pc? Specs: CPU: Intel Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5700 @ 3.00GHz RAM: 2GB Samsung RAM Motherboard: Acer Veriton M480 Graphics: Intel G45/G43 Express Chipset (Acer Incorporated [ALI]) Power Supply: 250W
  21. Heater6785

    [SOLVED] Second hand CPU/GPU

    I am searching for a used CPU and GPU for my PC. Are there any risks for the CPU if it hasn't been overclocking or working on high temperatures and I put a thermal compound and use a good cooler (not the stock one) after buying it? Besides from getting out from a mining rig and the temps, is...
  22. H

    [SOLVED] How to stop windows 10 from downloading Nvidia drivers?

    Hi guys, i have some simple question and need some help. I'm running windows 10 version 1809, today i was updating my windows as normal, but getting so annoyed from seeing Nvidia driver update for my Nvidia GPU is being downloaded from windows update. Actually i like my current driver, and...
  23. D

    [SOLVED] Which cards should I buy?

    so I am confused with which card should I buy I have 2 cards: ROG-STRIX-RTX2070S-O8G-GAMING or EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 XC GAMING the rtx 2070 super has better engine clock than the rtx 2080 but the 2080 has more CUDA cores than the 2070 super I prefer performance than graphics. and does they...
  24. Z

    [SOLVED] upgrading gpu or cpu first

    So i'm currently thinking of upgrading my crappy pc ( i can buy a used i5 2500k it's not used that much but i guess you can say it's in mint condition) I can also get an gtx 1050 ti 4gb Windforce OC edition but idk which to get first. I wanna be able to play games at high settings tho not every...
  25. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Should I get the RTX 2060 or RTX 2060 Super?

    I am deciding between 2 GPUs: RTX 2060 and RTX 2060 Super. I plan to do 1080p @ 60Hz at High / Ultra settings. I also plan to use this card for 2 - 3 years. Does the extra VRAM on the Super make a difference? How future-proof are these cards? Thanks!
  26. S

    Question graphics card crashing

    2xSLI asus strix 1080ti i9-9900k 16gb ram 3600mhz crosair h1150i pro (cpu cooler) This is my specs now i have an issue with one of those 2 cards it crashes in some games when it reaches temps over 73-74% for example this happens in gta V dark souls 3 but doesnt happen in Final fantasy 15 or...
  27. P

    Question Why my CPU usage is at 100% while I'm playing Rainbow Six Siege?

    Hello everyone. I've been playing siege since 2017 and I really love the game, but the last 7-8 months my game has poor fps and that is because my cpu is at 100% all the time. My gpu is the gtx 1070 and cpu is fx 9370. When I bought the game that wasn't the case though, I was playing with 100+...
  28. M

    [SOLVED] can i play 2 game s with 2 gpus

    i need to know if its possible to use 2 windows os on one ryzen system 8 cores 16 threads with 2 diffrent amd gpus rx 570 and rx 580
  29. T

    Question So I have a $100 budget(tight budget I know). I'm playing on Mac and I really wanna increase my frames. What kind of GPUs should I get?

    I'm ok with going a little bit over my budget but not too much. I found this GPU within my budget on Amazon: MSI Gaming GeForce GT 710 2GB GDRR3 64-bit HDCP Support DirectX 12 OpenGL 4.5 Single Fan Low Profile Graphics Card (GT 710 2GD3 LP) and Gigabyte GV-N1030OC-2GI Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 OC...
  30. cangelini

    News AMD Announces Radeon RX 5700 XT and RX 5700: Navi Takes the Fight to GeForce RTX

    AMD's Radeon RX 5700 XT and RX 5700 won’t best Nvidia’s top-end RTX cards. But they may give the RTX 2070 and 2060 serious competition, if they're priced right. AMD Announces Radeon RX 5700 XT and RX 5700: Navi Takes the Fight to GeForce RTX : Read more
  31. Jsimenhoff

    Discussion Community Questions: On the Road to VR

    With upcoming releases from Oculus, and fresh competition—yes, of course I’m talking about the Valve Index—the state of VR hardware is as vibrant as ever. Since the Oculus Rift came out for consumers 3 years ago headsets, controllers, and GPUs have all improved. While the latest hardware is not...
  32. AndrewFreedman

    Info Nvidia Reveals GTX 1650, 1660 Ti for Laptops

    Nvidia’s GTX 1650 and 1660 Ti will be in over 80 new laptop designs. Nvidia Reveals GTX 1650, 1660 Ti for Laptops : Read more
  33. I

    Question Device manager showing errors related to my GPU

    I get errors after I install my drivers since I bought my GPU. It is an RX 460 Saphhire GPU. After I install any driver no matter old or new ,device manager shows me error 0x15 for my GPU. I tried re-installing windows so do not recommend that. I used DDU but it did not help. Here is all the...
  34. G

    Question RX 580 at 1440P?

    So I currently have an MSI MAG 241C monitor. I'm getting quite frustrated with the ghosting it suffers from. I want to invest in a better monitor but feel silly buying a new monitor an not going 1440p. I want to keep my 60FPS game-play at the very least, but I'm worried My STRIX RX 580 wont...
  35. byler47

    [SOLVED] Best GPU for 2560 x 1080 144hz?

    I'm looking at getting a 144hz ultrawide, I wanted to get a 2k 144hz monitor but I don't have the budget for that. I would like to know what the best GPU would be to where I could play AAA games on max with no drops below about 75-85 fps.
  36. A

    Question what is the minimum CPU Fan i5 2500K gaming ?

    - Is the Cooler Master Hyper-Tx3-Evo sufficient for Cooling and Running games On i5 2500K CPU without getting overheated when gaming for long period and KEEP THE CPU STABLE. - I had a problem recently after i bought i5 2500K when i do play pubg for like 1 hour or 2 hours using the stock fan ...
  37. A

    Question My GPU load less than 10% when i use premiere pro cc 2017

    i have Windows 10 64 bit pentium G4560 8gb ddr4 (2x4) 2133mhz asrock h110m-hdv asus strix Rx 570 4gb when i use to render editing software like premiere pro, the render turn into CPU render, eventhough the renderer setting is set to Opencl, the usage of CPU is 100% everytime i render my video...
  38. T

    Question How to check if newly installed water cooler is connected and working?

    i just booted after installing it i got a error that a fan wasnt detected. idk if thats because i got rid of 3 fans and replaced them with the new cpu water cooler? how do i test that its working i have a app called speed fan on and the temp has been going down. i know that i probably sound dumb...
  39. K

    Question GPU clearance for Inwin 101

    Hi all, I have been looking into purchasing a Inwin 101, and upon closer inspection of the dimensions of said case, I noticed that the max GPU clearance is 305mm. That being said, I was extremely conflicted after finding out that my Red Devil RX 480 has a maximum length of 310mm. Would those 5...
  40. Stephanr

    Question Flickering on models on laptop.

    So I was playing rust the other day and repeatedly jumping. All of the sudden black lines started shooting to the center of my screen, and it is occurring in all games now. It's an Acer nitro 5 gaming laptop, please help, I've updated my drivers and such and cant figure it out. View...