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  1. D7VID

    Question Hi my new GEFORCE GTX 1660 SUPER got a little problem

    when i start PC onyl by that time, screen goes black for secends. and then works fine any advice to fixt that? Thanks in advance
  2. A

    [SOLVED] How can I identify coil whine?

    I have bought a new gigabyte RTX 2070 Super and it has a very low sound not like what I hear from the internet and people have it in a really loud noise and it happens when I start a game and it is a continuous sound it does not change over time MAYBE the sound gets higher a little but not...
  3. HollowMaskGod

    [SOLVED] Am i able to Stream with my Setup

    So i have an NVIDIA GTX970, an CPU : Intel(R) Xeon(R) cpu e3-1231 v3 @ 3.40ghz and 32 Gb of Ram. So i've tried some settings on chaning the options in Obs and i'm not sure if im able to stream with those options maybe someone does. The upload is not an Problem i have an 11mb Upload and there is...
  4. luis15herr

    [SOLVED] I don't get a output on my r9 380 4gb Gaming video card

    Hi, I don't get a signal on my r9 380 4gb Gaming video card, I had an h61c2-cm motherboard with which I tried to make it work with my video card and it never worked, now that I changed my motherboard to an h61m-vg4 I also don't want to give a video signal, help c:
  5. B

    Question power supply shutting down on load

    hoping someone can help ive serched evrywhere online and cant find a problem exactly like mine and what i do find nobody has a solution for. due to lightning my computer fried and im replacing everything with what i can afford. biostar ta970 motherboad (so far turning out to be a huge p.o.s)...
  6. Dion__

    Question Best RTX 2080?

    First off i know! Sorry this question is a big question, but i cant seem to find a good answer. I got €1000 as budget, so no rtx 2080 TI, and i want the best performance for my money. So what is the best rtx 2080? Or a better videocard for that price =)
  7. Aioria619

    Question RX 580 8GB Problem

    I recently bought one (rx 580 8gb sapphire plus) and it does not give me video I have an old motherboard model (PH67A-C43) and apparently the problem is that the motherboard does not support the rx 580? Specifications of my low-end pc: CPU: I5 2500 Motherboard : PH67A-C43 Ram: 16 GB DDR3...
  8. M

    just a simple question regarding labtop keyboards

    hi there friends , i just wanted to ask something really crazy , hope you at least look in to it. i have the the Fangbook hx-400 labtop (MSI GT70) and its the one with only 1 red color backlit keyboard , here is the question: -can i buy a keyboard with multi color backlit and change it with...