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  1. A

    Question Upgrade from the GTX 960, any ideas?

    So i am upgrading my old system with some new up to date components however i only have £100 for the GPU or maybe around £130 at a push. I was thinking a second hand 970 would be good? Or if i can find one a 980? My current specs before upgrading: AMD FX 6350 @3.9GHZ 8gb DDR3 GTX 960 2TB HDD...
  2. M

    Question Help for dummies (me)

    My son has a computer with A68HM Grenade motherboard, and am looking to buy a graphics card, for light gaming. For some reason the computer doesn’t even currently work for Roblox (an online kids gaming site) the graphics for the game are really jerky and make the game unplayable. Could anyone...
  3. J

    Question Pc lagging periodically

    Ryzen 2600g Powercolor rx 570 8gb 250gb ssd 1tb hhd 16gb ballistix ram B450 board Cool master 650w psu I can’t seem to fix this problem. In almost all my games I get random FPS drops and stutters. The games run smooth but then stutters .. especially in cutscenes. all my drivers are...
  4. J

    Question Screen all not working properly is this a GPU fauli

    Hi I have sold my strix 1060 pc and he is saying it is broken. It is posting and running though hdmi. He sent some images of the screen what I would like to know is if it is a GPU issue if so is it it fixable or if it an issue with the rest of the pc . And if it is fixable Thanks
  5. T

    Question Cheap graphics card for around $200?

    Cheaper would obviously be better and I don’t really want a card that is super power hungry but I’m upgrading from This old card ( ) thank you a lot for any response. Btw I’m in the USA...
  6. I

    Question Graphics artifacts when trying to log in to computer

    I am getting artefacts at the login screen after pressing a button to bring up the enter password prompt. The artefacts last for a few seconds and then the screen goes black for another few seconds. After that everything seems to have returned to normal. However when using the computer for...
  7. R

    Question Budget GPU upgrade for an M4 A88 + Phenom xII 955 system?

    Hi, Here are my current specs: Asus M4 A88 TD V/EVO Usb 3.0 AMD Phenom xii 955 BE @ 3.2 Ghz, never OC'd. ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB Hynix 16 Gigs/1600 Mhz/DDR3 Ram in 4x4 setup Cooler Master 650W PSU (Update: PCAR E3 600, which supposedly delivers 450W max) Cooler Master HAF 922 Mid tower with 2 x...
  8. wolfteam56

    Question did my graphic burn?

    hola, compré un gráfico de 1080ti pero parece que mi fuente (600W) no es lo suficientemente fuerte como para poder soportarlo y luego llegué a la idea de la gran idea (sarcasmo) de poner el mobo en el gráfico, pero no pasó nada o incluso encendí la PC (¿por qué la PC no se encendió sola cuando...
  9. K

    [SOLVED] Games lagging after installing graphics engine.

    So yesterday I was lookig at the box of my Gigabyte RX 560 4GB and on the back I saw there's this Aorus Graphics Engine Utility and it said "One-click Super Overclocking" so I decided to give it a try. After I installed it from Gigabyte's website I opened it, took a look around but there wasn't...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Graphics not working properly

    Hi, So a couple days ago my pc crashed and when restarting it only 1 of my monitors would work with a black border around it I thought maybe the drivers were corrupted so uninstalled with ddu and reinstalled but no luck. Tried on board graphics they're fine. Different cables for monitors and...
  11. M

    Question Which one to chose? (Gaming+Mining)

    I'm gonna build a pc. I'll do gaming, graphic designing & mining the rest of the time. I'm confused within 2 graphics cards.
  12. E

    Question Help!! gpu issues

    Hi everyone, thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out with this issue! I'm sure ill get a lot of comments saying that my hardware its old and outdated... blah blah blah but please try to understand that its not about the hardware, but a fulfillment of my childhood.. haha THIS IS...
  13. J

    Question Why is my FPS so low?

    Hello everyone, im new here but got a important question, i have build my own pc lately, but my fps while gaming is incredibly low, i have a AMD ryzen 7 1700 CPU, a GTX 1060 6gb, and 8 gigs of ram. Im using two minitors, but that shoudnt be a problem since my friend has two as well with worse...
  14. P

    Question can this setup handle ray tracing on 1080p/60fps?

    gtx 1070 founders edition i7 7700k 16gb ddr4 ram (all stock numbers)
  15. T

    Question Upgrade

    Hi Im looking for some help with upgrades just motherboard and cpu atm but would like to no what graphics card i should go for current specs: 4.0GHz AMD Athlon-880K Quad Core CPU (4.2GHz turbo) with 4GB GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Graphics, 16GB of 1600MHz DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDD ,GA-F2A78M-HD2 Budget is...
  16. B

    Question Failing GPU or something else?

    I have this problem as seen in the image whenever I start my computer when it's been of for several hours, simply when it's cold. It slowly disappears over 5min. View: It only goes like that on this monitor and I have 2 more (tv's) hooked up but it never shows on...
  17. P

    Question 1070 ti @ 1080p 75Hz

    I wanna ask how long will 1070ti last @ 1080p 75hz. I have a 24" panel and I really like it. My procesor is R5 1600, but I'll upgrade To R7 2700 in the future. How about 1440p 60Hz gaming? I wanna know if this card will be able to handle next-gen games. Thanks a lot.
  18. T

    Question How many monitors can I use?

    Okay, so i have an r7 370 with 2 gb of video ram. It has 2 dvi ports, and two hdmi ports. I want to connect two monitors and a tv. One monitor uses either hdmi or dvi, and the other vga, i already have a dvi to vga extension. So i'm thinking, connect the TV with HDMI, and the two monitors with...