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  1. ldreyar213

    Question "No Man's Sky" graphical bug? My gpu limitations? Could someone explain the cause if possible?

    View: If you cant watch on reddit then here. I started having this black stuff about 4 days ago. It occurs at times when...
  2. L

    [SOLVED] How can I fix this weird graphic error (picture provided in the post)

    Hi, in this past month, I've experienced some graphics error in all of my apps except for games (here's an example with discord View: ) Also, I get bluescreens quite frequently (the one I got had the Driver_overran_buffer error). Hope someone knows how to fix this! Ty
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Graphical Problems in multiple games on 2 different PCs

    Hello, since a few weeks I've been having different problems in multiple games. First in Watch Dogs 2 and GTA V, in which the sky is flickering/flashing rapidly. But I also noticed that there are transparent rings or discs on my screen when I'm playing minecraft. I've been able to fix this by...
  4. B

    Pc Audio Issues

    My mic picks up all the sound from my headphones when I'm in my pc. It isn't the mic though because I've checked them on other systems. Anyone know a solution to fix this?